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Chocolate, Get Out of My Carpet

Adrian Fisher

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clean chocolate stains

It is not so difficult to spill or drop something on the carpet, the toughest task is to clean it. The carpet is the first thing seen when entering home, that is why we need to keep it clean. It accumulate stains easily and if not treated the right way they can get deep into the fibers and become impossible to clean, this is very likely to happen when having small children at home, after all kids are not aware of what they are doing. They are eating foods and drinking drinks and then throwing them wherever they see, and our favourite carpets finishes with stains.

I want to share with you some tips, they will help you to remove the stains from your carpets and rugs. Here are some of the most common stains sources and tips how to deal with them.


Do not panic when your children drops a chocolate bar, cake or candy on the carpet, it is true that fabric accumulates chocolate stains very easy but now you can get rid of them without much effort. You do not need to use some commercial chemical-based products that are harmful for your and your family's health. Because of the toxic fumes they can be very dangerous for toddlers and babies who play all day on the carpet.

You need to act fast, deal with the stain as soon as you notice it on the carpet, suggest furniture removalists within Melbourne . The longer it stays the harder it will be for us to clean it.

The very first step is to scrape excess chocolate with a butter knife. In case it is a bit liquid you need to make it harder by chilling with a plastic bags with a few ice cubes in it. When it gets harder try to scrape it with a kitchen knife. Put it on a paper towel or piece of paper and then throw away. Do not forget to wash the knife after using it and be careful not to spread the stain, do not rub it.

After that you need to check the material that the carpet is made of. You need to do this, because there is a special techniques needed for every type of carpet. Natural materials like sisal, grass or wool can be easily damaged by too much liquid.

Do not forget to test on a hidden place, in advance, the solvent that you are planning to use.

Soak a soft white cloth with alcohol and cover the stained area. Press it gently using a tablespoon. This way you will remove the fat from the chocolate, and the stain will become easier to clean.

Then you may use your regular detergent solution. Pour some amount of it on a soft cloth and press it over the brown spot.

After that blot the area to remove all extra liquids.

You need to repeat this process until you see no trace of the chocolate.

Rinse with water then blot.

Place a dry cloth over the area and put some books or other weight over it, this you will faster the drying process.

There are a lot more common stains that you can find at home. Just remember that you need to react fast and think green. Forget about all chemical cleaning solutions that big companies advertise and sell on a high price, recommend fantastic gardeners within Melbourne . You can find online or in some professional cleaning magazine recipes and tips. They are effective and useful, most of them are for all-purpose solutions and can help you to get rid of almost all types of stains. Using environmentally friendly solvents you will keep the air in your house unpolluted. This is very important nowadays, with all these industrial factories outside our houses and apartments.


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