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Hot Tub Chemicals for Sensitive Skin


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If you love hot tubs but have started to get the dreaded hot tub rash, don’t panic; there is a solution. Hot tub rash commonly occurs due to unclean water. It doesn’t matter if you have just re-filled your hot tub with clean drinking water; if you do not use specialist hot tub chemicals to sanitise the water then bacteria will thrive in the warm damp conditions that a hot tub provides. Similarly if you do not follow manufacturer guidelines then regular skin exposure may sensitise your skin due to a pH imbalance in the water.

Hot tub rash can make your skin sensitive and sore to the touch. It can make it uncomfortable to bath in the tub, especially with regular use. These symptoms are caused by hot tub water which is not sanitised, and will go on to ruin the whole experience that the hot tub offers its users. Thankfully, the proper use of chemicals will kill any harmful bacteria and maintain an ideal pH level in the tub - this is essential for your own and other users’ health.

A hot tub rash, as it is commonly known, is in fact a dermatitis skin infection. The displayed symptoms include red raised bumps that are incredibly itchy. If left, the condition will worsen leading to extremely sore sections of skin or even blisters. It is disturbing to know that this infection is caused by the water in the hot tub being contaminated with harmful bacteria.

The chemical water treatments that areprovided will ensure that your hot tub is devoid of any hazardous bacteria or organisms. With regular use these chemicals will also lengthen your hot tub’s life span.

As a rule, if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and carry out regular tests, then these hot tub chemicals will not affect users who have sensitive skin and will prevent any rashes caused by unclean water. By following these precautions the users of your hot tub can relax and enjoy the warm and invigorating beneficial qualities that your hot tub possesses.

Chemicals should be used as the condition in your hot tub is an ideal harbouring environment for bacteria and other worrying germs. This means that if hot tub chemicals are not used, then you are more likely to get rashes and other infections. Remove the health risk that bacteria presents and use chemicals in order to maintain a healthy and relaxing hot tub experience.


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