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What You Should Know About Dangers of Meth


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When Bill Tyrrell first founded his mold remediation company, Triage BioClean Services, he assumed his business would be all about molds. Sure enough, he did become a master mold remediation technician and one of the foremost experts on the subject. When friends, neighbors and clients have a question or concern regarding molds, Tyrrell is the person they turn to for answers.

Besides removing mold from homes, Tyrrell believes that homeowners need to be educated as to the dangers that molds present. Unfortunately, similar dangers exist with regards to meth use. Over the years, Tyrrell has learned a great deal about meth and seen the devastation the drug causes. Here, he outlines some dangers of meth below.

I have sadly seen a rise in the meth lab cleanup, another service that we offer. In this kind of business, there are no real winners. Though it is important for me to remediate the dangers of meth labs and help the owners resume safe control of their properties, I always leave the scene troubled. It is because that I know the meth problem has grown again. For every meth lab I dismantle and clean, another two pop up in its place. Therefore, I think it’s important for the average citizen to understand the dangers of meth, which will aid us in battling its abuse.

Initial Pleasures: Meth produces a myriad of euphoric affects that can initially promote its use. The most alluring to many is extra energy. The drug seems to lend an extraordinary amount of pep to users who enjoy the boost. Another unusual perk is increased and voracious *** appetite, which partially explains the popularity of the drug in gay bars, nightclubs, bathhouses and other places that promote sex and socializing.

Horrific Affects: However, with prolonged use, these initial pleasures fade and are replaced by the horrific pangs that only addiction brings. Today’s meth is stronger than ever, and as a result, today’s meth addicts are strung out worse. Meth addicts will pull out hair and nails in agitation as they wait for another dose. Equally jarring is how prolonged meth use unravels the same joys users once derived from the drug. The first thing to go is the enhanced sex drive. This is replaced by apathy to sex and disinterest. Women users report an inability to climax, menstrual problems and infertility. Men also lose sex drive, become impotent and sometimes even develop breasts.

More Affects: Other affects include insomnia, depression, aggression, paranoia, compulsive behavior (nail biting, grooming, scratching) and hallucinations. Some common hallucination meth addicts report is the sensation that their skin is covered by tiny insects. The latter affect feeds the compulsion to scratch compulsively.

Terrible Mistakes: Aside from these horrific affects, most meth heads simply lose their common sense. In the throes of addiction, terrible mistakes are made. Meth addicts often lose their lives to overdoses or everyday fatalities, like car accidents that result from dulled senses. Hygiene is always affected and meth addicts are often exposed to the same diseases as heroine addicts and other needle-sharing drug abusers, ranging from hepatitis to AIDS and other diseases transmitted by blood.

Ghastly Appearance: Meth addicts also take on a ghastly appearance. Sunken cheeks, dulled eyes, yellowing skin, teeth and hair all make the addict look truly horrific. A person who has been on a binge with the drug for a while is instantly identified by these unattractive characteristics.

Adverse Affect on Babies: Another scary meth affect is on the babies of nursing mothers. If the nursing mother uses meth, the adverse affect on the baby can be addiction. Meth is secreted in the placenta and comes out in breast milk, causing some children to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Dangerous Meth Labs: The horrors of meth addiction are truly gruesome. What’s worse is that meth use hurts even those that don’t use the drug themselves. Families are constantly hurt and often broken by the drug abuse of someone close to them. Even less direct is the danger to those who step into a former meth lab. Meth labs are dangerous places long after the meth makers have vacated a site. Harmful odors and gasses can linger and still prove dangerous to anyone entering the domicile.

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

Bill Tyrell is a writer for Yodle, a business directory and online advertising company. Find a <a href="http://local.">mold removal specialists or more <a href="http:// http://local."> mold removal articles at Yodle Local.


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