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Pet Odor Remover How to Remove Pet Stain, Urine and Odors From Carpets


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Keeping your house free of pet stains or odors is not an easy task. Sometimes they remain there for days, weeks or even become permanent if you don't remove them immediately.

A litter box for cats is a necessity if you keep your cat inside but you may still get cat odors from it.

Here are the steps for removing pet odors or stains from your carpet:

1. Identify the areas where the stain or odor occurs.

If you don't find these areas your pet may stain the same area again.

2. Clean up the areas immediately.

Leaving the area for an extended period of time without cleaning it up right away will make it more difficult remove the stain or odor later.

3. Use a pet odor neutralizer

The advantage of using a pet odor neutralizer is that it removes the odor without covering it up with another scent. Since there is no scent to mask the odor, you can tell immediately if it is working.

It's a fact that no matter how pleasant a scented odor eliminator can be, after a while both you and your guests are going to get tired of the citrus, lilac, or wild apple scent. Plus many people are allergic to the strong perfumes.

Odor neutralizers come in both crystal and liquid forms. If you are using crystals, just sprinkle the powder on the affected areas, let it stay on the carpet for a short period of time, and vacuum it up.

When using a liquid, just spray it on the affected areas and let dry. Repeat the process if necessary. If the pet has gone to the same spot many times, you may need to “soak" the area to reach the source of the odor. Often the source of the odor is deep in the carpet backing, and sometimes even through the backing to the padding.

4. Apply several applications to eliminate the most stubborn odors.

For badly affected areas, liquid odor neutralizers often work better than crystals simply because a liquid can get deeper into the carpet.

5. Replace carpet that has been damaged by pet stains.

If the stain has been in your carpet for a long time it may be too late to remove it because it has been so badly damaged. In this case it would be more effective to replace it.

6. Make sure your pet has easy access to the outdoors.

If your pet continues to soil the areas of your house, check if he/she is able to find all the exits.

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