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What Does A Bed Bug Bite Look Like?


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Bed bugs are miniature insects resembling cockroaches and ticks. They are oval shaped with a flattened body and are brown in color. They are wingless insects and hence cannot fly. These disgusting pests feed on the blood of people or animals. The fledgling bed bugs are just the dimension of a poppy seed and a mature (adult) bug is approximately ΒΌ inch in length. Earlier to World War II bedbugs were a widespread problem. The DDT introduction as well as improvement in hygiene brought a great relief from these hideous insects. In recent times, bed bugs have emigrated from bug ridden regions such as Asia, Africa and South America. The prohibition of DDT has opened the gateway for the pest to reappear. The resurgence is apparently noticed in apartments, hotels, cruises, homes, and public transportation.

Perception regarding what a bed bug bite looks like can be of great aid in determining the existence of bed bugs. Bed bug bites do not inflict any pain. Generally, people do not even realize that they have been bitten by the bug. This is because the bites normally takes place at night during sleeping hours. Bedbugs are very energetic during night hours. They nourish on any part of the exposed skin including arms, legs, back, chest, and so on. Their bites resemble mosquito bites. They pierce the skin and extort blood. Generally, the bites react to a confined area. The reactions and symptoms of a bed bugs bite are itching, swelling, and a red lump. In case your skin is free of any complications at night, but you wake up with an itchy feeling and lumps, then bed bugs are the main reason.

They nourish within three to ten minutes. While nourishing they introduce a small amount of saliva into the skin. It is noted that some people experience symptoms identical to mosquito bites, while some people hardly have any effect to these bites. But constant exposures to being bitten results in people becoming severely allergic. The abrasion on the skin cannot be identified as bed bug bite or mosquito bite. The influenced person should withstand the desire to scratch the bug bites; else it may inflate itching and irritation. It is mandatory to consult a physician immediately and to undergo treatment. Medicines such as antihistamines and corticosteroids are given to diminish allergic reactions.

Determining the presence of bed bugs can be done by inspecting your upholstery and mattress. Furniture made of cane also contributes in concealing bed bugs. Cracks and crevices of any room is a great shelter for bed bugs. For that matter, any dark region of any room is an ideal place for these insects to settle in. The instant you spot dark spots feel assured of the presence of bed bugs. The dark spots are the excrement of the bug. In case you notice egg shells or molted skin, then there is no suspicion, it is none other than a possible infestation. Critical infestation results in nasty odor.

As these bugs reproduce and grow rapidly, if left unnoticed for some time, the plague can go out of control and also there are chances of bed bugs spreading throughout your home. In buildings, they spread faster from one apartment to another easily. So it is imperative to take a decision in handling this problem, the moment you suspect its presence. Clean the infested rooms meticulously and scrub the eggs with a hard brush. Yet, it is highly recommended to ask the pest control operators to handle the situation in eliminating it totally.

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