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Carpet Cleaning In NHS in the UK


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Hygiene takes a whole new meaning when one is in a healthcare environment. This is the place where people of delicate health conditions frequent, and any sort of laxity with hygiene could compound their problems. That is why extreme care is taken with things like pollen in the environment, mould and mildew, dust, and such other pollutants. Recently, one more aspect of hygiene that has gained prominence, especially in the healthcare institutions of the UK, is carpet cleaning. Organizations like the National Health Service (NHS) are considering carpet cleaning to be a very important part of their overall healthcare program.

Carpet Cleaning and the NHS

The NHS is a healthcare organization of the UK that works entirely with public funds. Its main purpose is to provide healthcare services to people of the nation, which includes both long and short term patient care, inpatient and outpatient care, ocular and dental problems, and a lot more. This sprawling institution is quite predictably crowded all the time with patients seeking treatment and with its own employees administering treatments to them. Quite naturally then, their rooms are much more prone to health hazards than other institutions, and more so the carpets.

Pollutants from the carpets can aggravate allergies, cause infections and might cause severe health problems. That is the reason why NHS requires routine carpet cleaning services for its establishments. Quite a few carpet cleaning companies in the UK are affiliated with the NHS on a contractual basis, and look after different areas in which the NHS operates.

How do Carpet Cleaners for the NHS handle things?

Carpet cleaners for the NHS in the UK have to be very particular that they are doing a very clean job. Their job includes many stages. A brief summary of how they go about it is given below:-

1. The first step would probably be to understand the whole layout of the establishment. The carpet cleaners would then separate places according to the amount of footfalls they get. Areas that are trod upon by several people each day are marked for more severe cleaning. While, areas that do not have many footfalls, such as the cabins are marked for less frequent cleaning. The carpet cleaners might use a colour coding system to differentiate between the areas.

2. Then the structure of the carpet is determined. Professional carpet cleaners have different cleaning methods for different types of carpets. During this step, the fibre of the carpet, its thickness, its warp and woof and several other technical aspects of the manufacture are taken into account.

3. Once the carpet style is determined, the treatment appropriate for it is implemented. Dry cleaning is the most usual method used in professional carpet cleaning in the UK, but depending on the maker of the carpet, different methods could be implemented.

What does NHS look for in its Carpet Cleaners?

The NHS is a body serving a very important purpose, and for that reason, it is not possible to be lenient with its carpet cleaners. Before striking an affiliation, the NHS will check into the credentials of the carpet cleaners and check out how professional they are and what methods they use. They will have to sign contracts with the NHS. But they are free to work with other clients too, if they want.

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