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No matter what the item is, everything - sticky tape to DVDs - needs to have a designated spot. Putting things in their special place will not only speed up your cleaning, but life inside the house will be easier because you will not be searching high and low for whatever you need. The best way to work out where to keep things is to start with some graph paper, a tape measure, a pencil, scissors and plain paper.

Pick a room in your house and measure the furniture. Represent the room to scale on graph paper and work out the corresponding size of your furniture to scale. Create flat cutout models of your furniture using scissor and plain paper. You can arrange and rearrange the furniture in the room until you work out the best layout. Keep your paper cutouts in a zip-lock bag in case you want to rearrange the rooms again or if you move house. If paper cutouts are not your thing, you could also use a pencil and draw the furniture directly onto the graph paper, but it is harder to move around if you change your mind.

When working out your floor plan, take into account the breezeways in each room. They will be different for each house and each room. To determine a breezeways, light a candle and see in which direction the flame blows. The flame will bend away from the breeze indicating how the air circulates. What you are aiming for is air to flow as easily as possible: so do not put a heavy item of furniture near a window if it blocks the flow of air. Good airflow helps to prevent mold and creates a much healthier atmosphere-and it is cooler in summer.

While arranging a room, think about creating the smallest walking distance between two points; which means items should be stored near where they are used. For example, scissors should be kept in a kitchen drawer or in an office drawer, or you may decide to have two pairs if they are used often in both locations. You do not want to be going backwards and forwards constantly. Another example is cutlery, which should be stored near the dishwasher or dish rack so you do not have to move far to put it away. For items which do not have a regular home, set up a miscellaneous bowl or basket. You just have to make sure you clear it out regularly.

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