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Adding Thousands of Dollars to The Value of Your Home Without Spending a Lot of Money


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The secret to saving thousands of dollars on kitchen cabinets is slowly getting out to the general public. Retail prices have doubled in the past few years because of their high overhead expenses: gas prices, rent increases and also the cost of labor. While cabinets have been available on-line for years, the Internet kitchen cabinet business is exploding. More and more people are finding out that they do not have to pay high retail prices for kitchen cabinets.

It makes sense. If you can buy something online, you are probably going to save money. Simple economics puts a retail store at a disadvantage. The store has a large amount of overhead and shipping costs that also need to be hidden in the retail prices. At the same time, an internet store has little overhead and is often linked to a direct importer. However, always remember to shop around online. Many places offer good prices, but with a little searching and a few good key words, you can turn up even better deals.

I mentioned key words and this means that there are certain buzzwords in the kitchen cabinet business that you should know. The most important phrase is RTA kitchen cabinets. This simply means ready to assemble. Most kitchen cabinets are not assembled; however a retail store will assemble them for you and charge you plenty. All you need to know is that RTA kitchen cabinets can easily be assembled. No drills or hammers, just a flat head screwdriver and some patience. Don't just look for cabinets, dig a little deeper and use a good phrase like RTA kitchen cabinets. It will save you thousands of dollars on a large kitchen order.

You may also find that the good RTA kitchen cabinet sites will offer a good selection of bathroom vanities, including Euro vanities and other new designer styles. Again, these type of cabinets and vanities are being sold in retail stores for as high as 200% more than what you can find online. Yes this sounds absurd, but a quick check of a big box retailer and then going to an RTA kitchen cabinet website and you will see that the savings are huge. Also keep in mind that a good amount of the retail kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are made of particleboard. On the other hand, a good RTA site will use only real wood and plywood.

When you're online remember that there is no such thing as free shipping. Repeat this with me, “there is no free shipping". What some Internet sites do is increase cabinet prices, and try to lure you in with free shipping. RTA kitchen cabinets can be expensive to ship, but not as expensive as fully assembled cabinets. Yes it will cost some money, but if you add that in with your saving on the kitchen cabinets, you will still find that you are way ahead in savings.

So don't waste your time at Home Depot or the other big box building supply stores. They are not saving you money. Go online and don't stop at the first kitchen cabinets site you find, dig around and you will find some good buys. And remember, use the phrase RTA kitchen cabinets and you will be pleasantly surprised at the savings that are out there.

I have been able to save thousands of dollars on discount kitchen cabinets by buying RTA cabinets . If you are interested in finding out my secrets, go to my Kitchen Cabinets article at Hubpages.


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