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Our houses and other places like bars, hotels, health clubs and many more deserves the luxury and accessories to be installed in our bedroom. Jacuzzi bath, sauna bath and steam bath are luxury that every house deserves because it makes the house or hotel more beautiful to the observer. People have become more demanding, as far as their comfort and pleasure is concerned due to high technology advancement and modernization. This demand can easily be read in people considering the amount of money they spent luxury and comfort goods. The type of bathroom fashion accessory that can add glamour and comfort to our bathroom is outdoor shower enclosures.

There are broadly two types of outdoor shower enclosures, one is portable and another is stationary. Stationary outdoor shower enclosure enhances excitement to your landscape. This enclosure can be designed in many ways. Some of the design tips of stationary outdoor shower enclosure are briefly described in this article. Usually the outdoor shower enclosure is a simple fence with a gate. This enclosure is most inexpensive method of building an outdoor shower enclosure. It costs around $35.00 per linear foot to build this enclosure.

Outdoor shower enclosure made of wood is another option that connects you with nature. You can avoid use of plastic or any other material that is not biodegradable. Landscaping is created with the aim of reflecting your emotions. Outdoor shower enclosure made of plastic and vinyl does not match with natural landscape. Pressure treated wood should also be avoided as it contaminates the surroundings. Further, pressure treated wood does not give a natural look. Cedar or redwood is the best choice. You can use elegant post caps that should be larger than average posts to make the fence look apart. The fence need not be stained with any color; rather keep it clear. If you use natural high quality wood, it looks more beautiful than any artificial color.

To make the base of the outdoor shower enclosure, you can use select pieces of flagstones that are larger than normal. These select pieces give a nice appearance and stay in place better. Further, there are fewer chances of cracks while working with these pieces. The significant feature of flagstone is the use of polymeric sand. The sand is formulated through a special process and dries concrete-like hard. This polymeric sand is used between flagstone pieces as it does not wash away with water and gives a look like real sand. It also connects you with nature.

Now comes to installing the outdoor shower enclosure drainage in your shower base. You have to simply make a trench two feet deep with slope so that water flows away from the shower into a safe place. You also need to determine the end point where the water will ultimately drain. The end point of the drain could be a hole filled with gravel, it can be hooked into a sewer line, or it can be a pipe laid in the ground. Depending on the frequency of use of the shower and cost you intend to incur, you can determine about this aspect.


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Why Modern Bathroooms Should Have Shower Enclosures?
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