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Smart Methods of making use of hydrotherapy at home


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Water is a small molecule that can be used as a drug at certain times. In case of an injury or accident, many people rush to get their injuries treated with water. When you are holding a burned finger in streaming water, massaging an inflamed muscle with a hot compression or ice packs, these are all kinds of hydrotherapy that have been in use since time immemorial. The use of this treatment method dates back to the 4th century in the Ancient Egypt and Greece civilization. Almost all kinds of medication were by then practiced in public baths. The following is a list of some hydrotherapy baths that can be effectively used at home.

The hydrotherapy baths and showers are used in treating various health problems like constipation, easing joint pain and respiratory diseases. Cold baths are effective in getting rid of fatigue and fever, and the herbal baths help skin care and relaxation.

If you are suffering from conditions like insomnia, menopausal hot flashes and emotional agitation among others, neutral baths can help to cure the conditions. The body is dipped in water with a temperature that is slightly below that of a normal human. Soak in the pool for approximately 20 minutes. Keep adding water in the basin in order to maintain the desired temperature.

People suffering from tired and achy feet often use these foot baths. Additionally, these hydrotherapy baths are effective when used to get rid of inflammation in the legs and feet. Use alternating cold and hot baths for better results. Through redirecting blood from the affected region, hot bath foots are effective in relieving menstrual cramps and head & chest congestion. Prepare comfortably hot-water bath and soak for about 30 minutes. Keep adding more water to retain the desired temperature in the footbath. Once you are done, rinse off your feet with cold water.

In order to enhance the immune system and circulation, the cold friction mitten rub can be used. The process involves rubbing the skin vigorously using mitten or towels soaked in cold water. This is an easy and refreshing strategy for getting rid of fatigue. After a hot shower, soak a washcloth or towel in cold water and wrap it in one of your hands that is curled into a fist. Use the wrapped fist to rub the free arm vigorously from the fingers to the shoulder. Insert the cold in the cold water and repeat the procedure. Dry the arm using similar vigorous rubs. Use the same strong circular movements on your abdomen, legs, feet and chest.

Another effective water bathe treatment is through inhaling steam from a boiling pot. Remove the pot from the fire source to allow it to cool until there is no active boiling takes place. Position your face approximately one foot away from the pot, and get your shoulders and face covered with a towel that helps to trap steam. Repeat the procedure for about an hour. Heat the water occasionally to retain the desired temperature. Alternatively, you can add more hot water to keep the temperature consistent.

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