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Stylish Waterfall Or Stylish Modern Taps

Adam Leaf

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A lot of people are tempted with modern design of either bathroom appliances such as bathroom taps like waterfall effect trickle faucets. I have to admit that the new range of waterfall effect taps do look good, but as I firmly stand by my theory that what ever looks good will not last for long. But don’t take my word for it, because I only have most sustainability type of taps in my bathroom.

I am sure that these waterfall types of faucets are very good in terms of being able to be used every day for the next 3-5 years without breaking or without causing the teeth crunching noise when dripping. The waterfall faucets have themselves evolved from being made from chrome to now being made from glass. The glass can be found at the top where the water is going to dispense from. The shape can be found to be round, square and even triangular shaped glass.

The glass it self can be made to be any colour of the rainbow from blue, green red and even pink. The new innovative glass waterfall taps can be now fitted with LED lights to change colour with the temperature of the water. So if the water is too hot then the LED lights will change to the red colour and if it is just right it will remain at green and if too cold it will be go to the colour blue.

Why I pick on waterfall taps is that it is not very durable in the house where there are children. Because children simply want an easy to use tap to quickly wash their hands and then go dry then and then go play or do what they are doing. What I have seen with waterfall taps is that they all have a single lever at the top to dispense the water out from. It’s only children that have broken this single lever but also the adults I have witnessed have broken the single lever handle that you control to allow the water to flow out.

So if you have a house with children then you a single lever handle will not last for very long as it will be broken within a year. And the daunting thing is that manufactures don’t cover this in their minimum five year guarantee as it’s not wear and tear but it’s damage caused by the user. So putting another stylish waterfall tap could set you back a hundred pounds or dollars.

If you are thinking of putting a waterfall tap in your bath then you should think again with the worst case scenario that what if that glass was to shatter with your child in the bath? It’s not a pretty sigh and god forbid it ever happening to anyone. What I haven’t seen so far in the faucets market is a waterfall kitchen tap.

I believe we won’t be seeing a waterfall kitchen appliance till the manufactures figure out how to make it still more user friendly. I hope I haven’t putt you off buying a waterfall tap because you are free to look into a tap but I have highlighted some problems that a glass tap can do.

Adam is an expert when it comes to choosing kitchen mixer taps and will give out advice for when you are shopping for your kitchen spray taps .


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