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How to Install a Vessel Sink Drain


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In this article we will explore the type of drains and drain features that are available for vessel sinks.

Over flow or no over flow that is the question!

When you are considering how to install a vessel sink you will need to decide if you want a sink with or without an overflow drain. . . you are probably saying WHAT?! Yes, at least 50% of all vessel sinks DO NOT have an overflow feature! So if you are the type to stop the sink and fill it up to do whatever and walk away . . . . you may want to make sure you find a vessel sink with an over flow.

Drains and more Drains!
When considering how to install a vessel sink drains are a big deal. . . not only because there are so many styles but they are like a little jewel to top off your beautiful vessel sink! You need to be concerned with what style you like and if your vessel sink has a overflow.

Pop up sink drain:
This refers to the way in which it locks in place to stop the sink. . . when you push it down it locks and when you push it again. . . it POPs UP. . . the down side is if you don't like sticking your fingers in icky water to unstop the drain. . . it's not for you! However the Pop up is by far the most common vessel drain and it comes in two general types. The “umbrella" style is really cool and very sleek. . . you can't see the drain and the water flows underneath. It sorta looks like a mushroom top. The second type looks very much like a traditional drain. . . small center stopper surrounded by a flat collar.

Manual stopping vessel sink drain:
This type stops the drain like a traditional sink stopper. . . you have a mechanical pull rod to open an close the drain. Some of them actuate the drain from below the sink. . . however this is only for an exposed plumbing style vanity. There are others that have a flexible cable pull stopper which threads through the vessel faucet similar to a conventional stopper pull location. Manual stopping drains for vessel sinks are rare. . . expect to pay more for them over pop ups.

Overflow or no overflow that is the question!
If you choose a vessel sink without a overflow you MUST get a drain without an overflow port! Conversely if you select a vessel sink with an overflow feature you MUST get a drain with an overflow port.

Exposed plumbing!
Other items to consider when you are going to install a vessel sink. If you have selected a minimalist vessel vanity that has exposed plumbing you can take two routes.
First: Replace all the drain pipes with shiny new standard chrome pieces and you should also replace the crusty water service shut off valves too. This is the cheapest route.
Second: Buy a “bottle trap" drain assembly. This is a sleek drain pipe assembly that does not have the traditional “U" shaped p-trap. . . rather it has a very sleek little canister instead. Of course it will cost more than standard chrome drain pipes but the finished look is well worth it. . . remember the jewels to set off your new sink. Yes, you still will replace those crusty water service shutoff valves.

Oh and one more thing. . . when you are considering how to install a vessel sink. . . you will need to choose the finish of the hardware, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel. You may need to shop around to get the faucet and drain of your choice to match up. Chrome is the way to go for the bottle trap or standard p-trap however , I have seen oil rubbed bronze bottle traps and standard p-trap drain pipes. . . but get ready for sticker shock!

Do your homework and ask lots of questions!

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