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Cutting Rent Costs

Melvin Polatnick

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The prices of gas and food keep rising and there is little left over for other things. The landlord keeps staring and you know he will shortly ask for a big raise in rent. His costs have also been rising and you are the answer to his problems. You just about meet your rent costs and are scared. The boss has just given you a twenty dollar raise but that doesn't even pay for added gas expenses. Threats of homelessness hovers over you like a dark cloud. There is no place to hide from your problems. But flexibility will come to the rescue. It has always been a savior.

Privacy costs money. Using the toilet and shower for one person is an expensive habit. If you want to cut costs remove your toilet door and you will find the solution. The more people that share your toilet the cheaper will be your expenses. With an agreement among the users, a toilet and shower is capable of comfortably handling over one hundred people in a twenty four hour period. There is no reason that a person has to use a shower for more than ten minutes. Toilet use is variable but one toilet has the capacity to service at least twenty people an hour.

A large air mattress costs around fifty dollars. Four people can squeeze into one. Ten mattresses can easily fit into the smallest apartment. That equals forty roommates. The only thing lost is privacy. But privacy is not needed in hard times.

Refrigeration and lighting wastes money and is not necessary for people on a tight budget. The cavemen survived before heating or artificial lighting was known and so can you. The sun provides all the no cost lighting you need. Heated apartments are not important if winter coats are available. Inexpensive sardines for protein and vitamin loaded rotten fruit will keep you healthy. They both don't require refrigeration.

Flexibility can be our savior because with it we can survive in the hardest of times. The Asians made it their wisdom. They dealt with reality and never expected anything more. China has over a billion people because of this wisdom. We in the West should learn from them. The first thing we should give up is our need for physical privacy. The place to start is by giving up our exclusive use of the toilet. If we do the high costs of space will disappear and none of us will fear being homeless.


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