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Home Theater System - 7 Simply Amazing Tips To Make Your Entertainment Center Last Longer!


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Today, you can buy a quality home theater for under $1,000. It might not be up to date but the value will still be good.

But even so, a home theater is still a sizable investment that is worthy of protecting.

If you want you home theater to last and you want to avoid spending big bucks later and thus avoid equipment breakdown then it is only common sense to take care of your entertainments’ components such as the DVD Player, viewing screen disks and speakers, and the good news is preserving your equipment though a must, need not be expensive nor take a lot of your valuable time.

Paying for maintenance equipment is not necessary but the most important attitude should be that your home theater system is cared for if you want consistent performance.

The biggest culprit of any electrical component failure is the build up of nasty dust and grime, which when clogged up can really affect your home theaters quality for vision and sound. - Ideally your entertainment center should be cleaned at least once a week.

This article discusses 7 simple to do-it yourself care tips that will. . . . save you big bucks later!

1. DVD/CD players - Easy job!

There are tools existing that will clear smears, spots, smudges and helps get rid of dirt.

These tools come in either manual or electronically devices that do away with scratches that was supposed to be beyond repair.

Do this regular.

Using special sprays and cleaners will make the disk like as new.

A electrical cleaner will decontaminate your disk of dust and grime quickly and easily.

Always use a lint free cloth and never use fluids such as water or glass cleaner as they are liable to scratch.

2. Do you use glass cleaner to clean your television?

Big mistake!

Cleaners that include alcohol and ammonia are not correct for screens.

Instead purchase a cleaner that is design to be used on viewing screen - they do not contain alcohol or ammonia and with specialized cloth you will help put a stop to scratches and believe me you will see a immense variation of quality come back in the visual quality.

**Invest in a small screen brush to remove particles and dust from your screen.

3. Clean up the DVD/VCR Playing Unit

There are CD/Tapes, that you simply inserted into the playing slot and you just click on the play button and the cleaning CD/Tape does the rest.

Leaving you perhaps 15 minutes to enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage.

Go for the 10-brush type system as its magnificent at removing all dust pollution and frantically perks up the player's visual and sound quality

**It is good practice to clean your DVD/VCR player after 10 hours of use for optimum performance.

4. Speakers

Speakers have a real problem with a condition called “foam rot. "

As time goes by your speakers will become infected and it can cost a lot of money to get the repair done.

But fear not, there are exceptional kits out there whereby you can do the job yourself to replace your speaker foam and save a bundle of money, perhaps a couple of hundred dollars!

If your speakers are expensive and you feel a bit nervous then it is advisable to call in the services of a proper technician to do the job for you.

But it will cost you!

5. Keep all documents, warranties, service card and owners manuals in a safe place.

6. You home theater will perform excellently in a room whose temperature is not too cold and not too hot. Room temperature is just perfect!

Think about how your computer malfunctions when it gets too hot. Excessive heat affects your systems components, well it's the same with the home theater and cold is a offender that can freeze your system, avoiding functioning at all.

7. Don't abuse your system!

Like humans, machines are also capable of fatigue and the more you use your home theater the more its parts will get tired the more prone to malfunction; Not over using the equipment prolongs the life of you're the equipment.

And a bonus tip. . . .

8. I know, I have mentioned this previously but it really needs repeating. . .

Dust and clean regularly. Dust and grime accumulates easily in most electrical equipment and this simple maintenance procedure completed at least once a week will stop annoying dust to directly clog up your home theater system and hamper proper functioning.


Following these simple caring and cleaning techniques will save the life of your home theater system. It does not matter whether you have a state-of-the-art system that cost you several thousands dollars, or a home theater that you got for $50 on eBay.

Paraphrasing a very old saying, “look after your equipment and your equipment will look after you. "


Robert Cacciatore is a publisher of Home Theater Entertainment Center where you will find information about home theaters, all in one entertainment centers, wireless equipment. Including how to prolong the life of your Home Theater system.

Home Theater System can be a great addition to you house providing you select the right one. The options and choices to make can be quite frustrating and need not happen to you if you have the right knowledge. You can attain the right knowledge by going to


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