How to cut down your Power Bills with the Correct Usage of your Washing Machine?

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It is not just shopping energy efficient products that will save power for you; correct operation of the same will make an impact, as well. Efficiency of a washer depends very much on how it is used on a regular basis. It is a very expensive appliance to operate and in-efficient use of it can shoot up your washing expenses. The way clothes are washed can actually save you money in the long run. Following are a few instructions:

Front or Top Load: Power consumption of an appliance depends on how you use it. Front load washers use a lesser amount of water, however have lengthier wash cycles. Top load washing machines use extra water, however have smaller wash cycles. If you make use of hot water then top loaders will use more as amount of power required for heating is lot more than the amount required by the motor of the washer. On the other hand, if you use cold water wash, in that case front loaders will use more as they have longer wash cycles.

Size of the Washing Machine: Select the correct size based on your everyday requirements. As, larger the size, more electrical energy it will use.

Load the washing machine properly: Try to use a washer with complete load, as the electricity used is same even if you do not load the appliance fully.

Buy the correct detergent as well as use the correct amount: Purchasing a correct washing powder is vital as a wrong one used might require various cycles to wash the clothes appropriately, leading to extra water as well as power consumption. Likewise, if the amount of detergent used is not correct then many cycles of wash will be required. Though, most detergent manufacturers do make ones that are good for washing machine, so buy wisely.

Lessen amount of heating: Heating is able to increase washing cost by up to 90%. Extreme heating can even damage the materials. When possible use cold water wash, as it can extremely cut down the power usage.

Never leave a washer in standby mode: As with all other appliances, standby power can hit hard on your power bill. Therefore, never leave the appliance in standby mode.

Purchasing an appropriate washing machine and using it in a proper way can help save a lot on your electricity bill.

Nowadays you can buy a washing machine online but do follow the instructions mentioned above for its correct usage.

Whirlpool India is one of the best manufacturers of energy-efficient washing machines in India. Buy the best washing machine from them and use it following the instructions mentioned above to save energy consumption.


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6 Simple ways to cut your Electricity Usage
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