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Rising Popularity of Electric Tankless Water Heater

Sanjana Antony

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Among home appliances, water heater has to rank very high in usefulness. Whether it is for bathing, or laundry or doing the dishes or doing odd jobs, hot water is needed all the time. Therefore, waiting for water to get heated in a conventional storage type water heater is not always practical. Hence, the tankless type electrical tankless water heater.

Standard water heater has a storage tank with a heating element. Water is heated as per the capacity and temperature set and then drawn and mixed with cold water as needed. In tankless electric water heater, there is a coil type heating element through which cold water flows and gets heated and hot water is drawn on the other side. The coil is made of copper. As the water flow is constant and there is no waiting time, energy losses are minimal. Therefore, cost savings are claimed to be about 60% of standard storage type water heater. Electric tankless water heater is easy to use, easy to install and if also takes up lesser space. The electric tankless type is upto 90% smaller than tank type heater. There is no heat loss and there is no over usage of electricity due to keeping hot water on standby. Heated water is available when you want it. Reduce your carbon footprint with electric water heater. The lifespan of tankless water heater is also usually longer as compared to tank type. Storage type tanks tend to rust after some years due to corrosion. These leads to various risks, of tank leaking or bursting. Tankless type water heater is relatively safer.

The flow rate may be slower in tankless type water heater. However some brands of tankless water heater have flow sensor that judges the demand for heated water and modulates the flow accordingly. Flow control may be achieved via a switch or a sensor.

Electric tankless type water heaters may be of point of use type or whole house use type. They can be wired directly into the main electric supply. Different sizes and capacities are available of electric tankless water heater for commercial and industrial uses also such as pool and spa and radiant heating and even for recreational applications, such as in boats. Electric tankless type water heater is now an easily available technology almost everywhere and is not just limited to advanced countries.


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