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Pure Water Distillers - Do You Really Need One?


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Distillation is one of the reliable methods that can provide you with pure water after treatment by plants and water facilities. There are cases wherein notices are provided to consumers because the standards set by the EPA have not been followed strictly. Pure water distillers help you acquire water free of impurities and other potentially hazardous substances for daily use.

Pure Water Distiller Facts

Distillation is defined as the process of heating a mixture then condensing the vapor that results to create a purer substance. The approach is considered to be the most effective in removing the widest range of contaminants compared to other POU or point-of-use water treatment systems. It is also one of the known and accepted methods of producing pure drinking water. Distillation removes biological, organic and inorganic materials very well such as bacteria and viruses. A greater percentage of the contaminants is removed by the process better than UV or ultraviolet treatment, RO or reverse osmosis and filtration.

The process is an old method derived from the regular action of nature known as hydrologic cycle wherein the sun heats surface waters like seas, lakes and streams resulting to condensation of the produced vapors. Contaminants with molecules larger than water are left behind. The same goes with distillation wherein water is boiled taking out germs and separating chemicals.

Killing Contaminants

Pure water distillers can produce highly treated drinking water and improve the quality of water treated by plants and utilities. The process reduces levels of heavy metals, biological agents, sediments and other toxins that cannot travel out of the boiling chamber together with the produced steam.

An activated carbon filter may also be used to further remove VOCs and radon. Together, activated carbon filters and distillation can take out contaminants like nitrate, arsenic, benzene, lead, mercury, TCE or trichloroethylene, THM or trihalomethane, radium, radon, cysts, atracine and other herbicides and pesticides and asbestos. Iron bacteria is also treated to improve the taste and odor.

A Few Things to Note

A pure water distiller does not remove minerals from the human body. There is no scientific evidence showing that because the water is so pure, it leeches minerals from the body. It is however true that the process can remove beneficial minerals as well like iron, magnesium and calcium which are known to help prevent diseases and boost health. It is also a myth that distilled water will cause teeth problems after long term consumption. Fluoride is taken away in water by distillation but it cannot remove fluoride from your teeth.

Choosing Distillation

When choosing the right product that produces pure water in your home, consider the performance, cost and health benefits. Pure water distillers are a good option because the unit or system and process of cleansing water is cost-effective and do not require large amounts of energy. It also does not produce excessive amounts of wastewater compared to processes like reverse osmosis.

Distillation is very effective in removing almost all types of contaminants ensuring that you only get pure water that is truly safe and clean for daily use and drinking. Determine the current quality of your water as well as the existing structures in your home then find out if the approach is the best choice that eliminates the existing agents. Consider if you need additional filters or mechanisms to thoroughly produce pure water.

Peter Patterson specializes on water purification and writes for The Truth About Water Filters, a site that offers consumer guidance on pure water distillers and how you can have clean and safe water in your home.


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