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Ultra Pure Water - Identifying the Benefits and Problems


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There is now such a term as ultra pure water which is completely free of contaminants and microorganisms. However, a number of experts have also raised concerns about its very pure form and the process of taking out everything including good minerals that help maintain good health and prevent disease. Find out whether or not ultra pure water or UPW is the best choice.

Creating Purity

UPW or ultra pure water is widely used and produced by semiconductor integrated units which explains why it is vital to create and maintain its clean and pure form. Since people began discovering the lingering presence of harmful elements and chemicals despite being treated by plants following EPA or Environmental Protection Agency standards, home water purification systems and units have become quite popular. The requirements when it comes to cleanliness and safety of water have become more stringent such as removal of particular substances like colloidal silica, total organic carbon or TOC, pyrogens or bacterial fragments, metal ions and other minute particles.

Filters and Demands

UPW systems make use of properly placed filters so the water goes through various stages to completely get rid of all impurities. A specific filter will be assigned to different key areas in the structure of the device to take out contaminants one after the other. Filters should meet the requirements of a high-purity deionized or DI water system.

Some requirements include being non-contributive to the metal ion, organic and particulate contamination of the effluent system, identical performance from one key area to another, no unloading of trapped contaminants or shedding of filter material, tested integrity that verify proper and effective removal of wastes and having a low-pressure drop for cost-effectiveness and longer life.

Realizing the Drawbacks

There are also problems with pure water. Some people may find that the removal of minerals completely result to a flat taste. Trace natural occurring minerals are actually beneficial for the body in boosting health, supporting bodily functions and processes as well as preventing and alleviating illness. Producing ultra pure water via reverse osmosis results to a lot of wastewater. 4 to 5 gallons of wastewater is produced for every gallon of UPW. The process also requires a lot of electricity so the process may hurt your budget aside from the high initial cost of the unit.

Producing ultra pure water also takes a lot of time and is comparably slower than a sediment water or activated carbon filter. Membranes block healthy minerals that result to poor taste. Damaged membranes are also hard to detect so the system may not be functioning well without anyone else knowing. Maintenance requirement of units can be time-consuming and costly. The process is also dependent on pressure such as RO systems and may not be relied on during emergency situations.

Before Going Ultra Pure

Ask for a water quality report from your local utility to determine the different contaminants that you need to get rid of. Determine the iron content of the water since it can degrade membranes and systems. Rust is an indication of high iron levels. Check the pressure if it can support the ultra pure water unit you intend to install. At least 40 psi will suffice. Test for chloramines which can chemically react with ammonia so you may also include a pre-filter to stay safe.

If you're looking for a way to have clean and safe water in your home, make sure that you visit Truth About Water Filters - a popular sites that offers tips and advice on ultra pure water for your home.


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Pure Water The Big Ugly Lie Which Advertisers Repeat About Their So Called Pure .
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