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The Truth About Reverse Osmosis Water Units and Your Health


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Let's face it. . . with all the reports about how bad the quality of our tap water is there is no excuse for not buying a water filtration system for your home. Lately, reverse osmosis water units are all the rage. Behind all the glossy advertising however, there are some things you need to know. Reverse osmosis systems are not only costly and wasteful but their effectiveness is questionable at best. Then there are the series of studies pointing to why drinking water purified by reverse osmosis is harmful to our health. If you are buying a water filtration system in order to be healthier and safer, reverse osmosis is simply not the solution.

First let's go over a quick explanation of how reverse osmosis systems work. Water is exposed to a porous membrane under pressure. Reverse osmosis is effective in removing organic contaminants, which have smaller molecules than water and pass through the membrane. The problem here is that synthetic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides have larger molecules than water and therefore do not pass through the membrane. That leaves us with water that has been partially purified, but not completely. The only way for a reverse osmosis system to be truly effective is to use it in conjunction with a carbon block water filter. It is silly to use reverse osmosis when you think about it if you can just use a carbon block water filter to begin with and save yourself the trouble and maintenance of reverse osmosis units.

Not only is water treated with a reverse osmosis system not completely clean, it lacks the minerals that are necessary in order to maintain good health. According to studies, the healthiest and disease-free populations around the world always live near a body of water with high mineral content. Minerals essential to good health that are found in water are calcium, magnesium, and potassium. A reverse osmosis water unit takes some of the bad stuff out along with ALL of the good stuff. A series of scientific studies have proven that drinking demineralized water is detrimental to our health.

There are two negative things that happen when you drink demineralized water. Because demineralized water contains more hydrogen, it is an acid with a pH level below 7. The first negative thing that happens is that when we drink an acid, our bodies pull minerals from our bones and teeth to produce bicarbonate, which neutralizes the acid. The second negative result is that our bodies produce more free radicals when we are in an acid state versus an alkaline one. That leads to an increased risk of cancer! I don't know about you but if drinking water purified by a reverse osmosis water unit has been linked to cancer, I am not willing to take the risk!

Do yourself a favor and use this information as a guide when shopping around for a home water filtration system. As you have learned, the truth surrounding reverse osmosis water systems is alarming and we need to reconsider it as an option when we compare home water purifiers and filters. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find a water filter that is effective, safe, and beneficial to your health.

Dana Lakes is a passionate researcher of water purity issues that affect our health and well-being. She articulates her opinion at . To learn about water purification systems that Dana recommends for your home or office visit


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4 Disadvantages of Using Reverse Osmosis Units to Purify Water
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