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So, You Think Your Water Filter Uses the Best Water Purification Technology?


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Have you ever thought about the water purification technology behind your water filter unit? As you know, there are different types of water filter units available in the market today and each company claims that their product is the best one. But, how do you know which is actually the best one? And how important is it to use the best one? Let me tell you.

First of all, you should understand the meaning of the term water purification technology. A water filter, as the name suggests, purifies or filters water and gives you pure water. In this process, it destroys a lot of harmful substances present in water including bacteria, chemicals, hard metals, and others. Now, in order to get rid of all these substances effectively, you need to use a good water purifier.

A lot of people today are a little complacent about the water they drink and use for other purposes. Unless your water purifier uses the best technology possible, your water is not a hundred percent pure. In this case, you'll still be drinking water with traces of contaminants which are harmful for your health. And there is a huge list of waterborne diseases that you can get by drinking or using such water regularly. This is why it becomes extremely important to find if the water filter you use runs on the best water purification technology or not.

Now that you know how important water purification is, how do you find out which is the best method? For that, you need to know the different methods of water purification and compare them with each other. The three most popular water purification methods today are reverse osmosis, point of use distillation, and active carbon block filtration.

Reverse osmosis is one of the popular methods of water purification. An RO unit consists of a semi permeable membrane and a highly porous, fine structure through which water is passed under pressure.

In point of use distillation, water is passed through a hot coil after which it becomes water vapor. Then, the vapor is passed through a cooling chamber where it becomes water again.

In active carbon filtration, water is passed through active carbon blocks which get rid of contaminants and give you pure water.

Among these three methods of water purification, active carbon filtration is considered the best by doctors around the world for a simple reason. It is more effective than both RO and point of use filtration. Let me explain.

Both RO and point of use filtration are not effective against certain types of contaminants. RO doesn't get rid of the herbicide traces present in water and filtration doesn't get rid of the organic compounds present in water. Also, they tend to destroy the natural minerals present in water, which are essential for your body. As a result, the water you get from these methods is not only impure, but also unhealthy. But active carbon filtration is different from these two methods. It can get rid of the contaminants completely and it also retains the essential minerals present in water. So, the water you get is both safe and healthy to drink. This is the reason why doctors around the world recommend active carbon filter units for people.

Now that you have all the details you want about water purification technology, make the right decision today and get yourself a good water filter unit. Remember, you deserve nothing but the best.

John Lim Cher Sern is an avid proponent of natural health and a researcher of water purification systems. Visit his site now at to get his “Free Guide to Home Water Purifiers" and learn how to choose the best water purification system .


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