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Which Methods of Water Purification Are Best For Home Use?


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There are several methods of water purification that are currently used for domestic use. Some are better than others because they filter out more contaminants, and also leave in the essential minerals that we need for good health.

But before I launch into an explanation of home purifiers, let's first talk about why you need to purify your water in the first place.

For drinking and cooking, you basically have three possible sources, tap, bottled, or filtered.

Unfortunately, your tap water potentially contains a world of contaminants!

Part of the problem is our treatment plants are fifty to one hundred years old! They weren't designed for our world full of pesticides, prescription drugs, and over 80,000 synthetic chemicals.

Municipal treatment plants work basically in two phases. The water that needs cleaning filters through a sediment bed to remove particles, then it's injected with enough chlorine to kill bacteria and viruses.

That worked well one hundred years ago! And we certainly don't have outbreaks of cholera like we did a century ago. But the problem is not everything that we find in our water today is filtered out. Also, the chlorine itself is potentially very harmful.

Just as an example, a study was done recently of the municipal systems of 29 major American cities. Traces of pesticides were found in every single cities’ water!

Of course, fear of our municipal systems is what fueled the bottled water explosion over the past ten years. Makes total sense! You would think that a bottle of water with a picture of a pristine glacier would be pure! Not necessarily true! Turns out most of it comes straight out of a tap, just like your at home.

In other words, you need a home water purifier! So now let's talk about the various methods of purification and which ones are the best for domestic use.

There are a number of methods of purifying water that you can use at home.

Some of the technologies include granular activated carbon filters, metallic alloy filters, microporous ceramic filters, and carbon block filters. Also, instead of just passing the water through a filter, you can pass it through a porous membrane.

Passing through a membrane is usually done through a process called reverse osmosis. There are a number of home purifiers that use this technology.

Reverse osmosis is not the best way to filter domestic water. It's used often in industry for bottled drinks and for things like car washes. There are two problems with this method of purification. It wastes a lot, and also it filters out the stuff we actually need-those all important trace minerals, like calcium.

Actually the best methods of water purification combine several of these water filtration and purification technologies.

To learn more about the best methods of water purification for home use, visit my website!

R. Lee Cole is an avid health and exercise enthusiast who loves to make his research available to everyone via the Internet. Check out Lee's website for more information about this important topic.


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