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Quality Soapstone Wood Stoves


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When it comes to heating one's home, there is almost nothing more traditional, attractive and inviting than a genuine wood stove - and soapstone wood stoves are an excellent choice, combining beauty with practicality.

Soapstone wood stoves are made from a type pf metamorphic rock that geologists call steatite. Metamorphic rocks begin as one thing, then over millions of years and immeasurable amounts of geologic heat and pressure, are transformed - or “morphed" - into something else. Steatite is a geologic relative of quarts and marble. Unlike marble, “soapstone" - so-called because it has a tactile feel similar to that of a dry bar of soap - is relatively soft and easy to carve, yet durable. If you have ever traveled to India, you may have seen elaborate soapstone carvings on Hindu temples dating back 1,000 years and more.

Soapstone wood stoves make a great deal of sense because of the nature of soapstone. This type of rock is highly heat resistant, while at the same time an excellent conductor of heat. In fact, soapstone has been used in the creation of pottery and other types of cookware from time immemorial. Much of the cookware used by certain First Peoples of North America, such as the Inuit and the Iroquois, was made from soapstone. Later, soapstone wood stoves and fireplaces were to be found in the homes of early European settlers in New England and the southern colonies.

Soapstone wood stoves feature a lovely grained surface that is similar to marble. Although it is softer than marble, it is also less brittle and is chemically inert. This means it is impervious to staining; any discoloration on soapstone stoves is easily cleaned.

One of the marvelous characteristics of soapstone is its ability to blend in with virtually any type of décor, whether it is Early American, Victorian, Art-Deco or contemporary. In fact, there are soapstone stoves that have been used on a regular basis since the 19th century.

Installing soapstone woodstoves is like installing any other kind of woodstove. However, because of the nature of soapstone, one might find that soapstone woodstoves are more durable - in fact they can last for centuries with their original beauty and functionality intact.

Those who are looking for a unique heating solution for their homes will find that soapstone woodstoves are quite satisfactory, and will serve their heating needs well through numerous generations. Although they represent a larger initial investment, the characteristics of soapstone woodstoves will make them last a lifetime - and well beyond. Check out the many uses of soapstone today, including the many high-quality and attractive soapstone woodstoves available.

Jonathan Blocker writes about Dorado Soapstone . Dorado Soapstone's mission is to create an outstanding work environment, improve communities, and supply the highest quality soapstone slabs, soapstone tiles, soapstone stoves / fireplaces, and soapstone sinks throughout the world.


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