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How to Buy the Right Washing Machine


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Without washing machines, what shall we do? Think plenty of dirty clothes and imagine washing it by your own hands. Hard work isn't it?

Wonderful inventions like washing machines has lessen our chores but they also increase your utilities bills as they consume quite a bit of energy and water. Hence, it's always advisable for you to buy a washing machine that is water and energy efficient savings so that you can save your money.

Buy a Front Loader Washer

In most houses, you can find more top-loading machines than front loading because they are cheaper. Although most top loader machines are cheaper, they tend to consume more water and use more electricity compared to front loading models. Both machines operates differently. During the spin operation, most of the washing machines that are front loading remove water from the fabrics. In the spinner, the more of your clothes that “wrung out", the less power they consume and the less time that they can take. Washing machines that are front loader could be more costly but they'll cost you a less over time in terms of both water and electricity consumption.

Always check the Energy Guide label.

Always check the yellow Energy Guide label when you're comparing the washing machines, which are appears in the washing machine manuals that were made by the manufacturers because these are required. The Energy Guide labels in washing machines will tell you the amount of power when you use it. Using the energy guide, it provides an indication how energy saving the washer can be.

Buy an Energy Star washing machine.

Appliances by Energy Star are more environment friendly and energy efficient than appliances that are not Energy Star certified. Always consider buying appliances by Energy Star when taking a new purchase. Washing machines by Energy Star are 50% less energy compared to the washing machines that are standard which, adding up to a big savings over time.


Sometimes, it could be hard to decide whether the piles of clothes you are washing are extra large, large, medium or small. . It can cause jumping and knocking in your washing machine when you're planning to use clothes that are too small. But gallons of water will be wasted if you always use settings of clothes that are bigger than you need.

There are some washing machines with sensors that are available to determine the amount of dirty clothes that you are loading then, add water into the washing machine that appropriately accommodate the clothes that you load.

These additional featured washing machines can add to the cost of the washing machine. But you are assured that you are not using too little or too much water for the dirty clothes that have currently been loaded.

Washing machines are very important for most people. And, by taking or picking the right models of a washing machine, you will end up paying cheap electricity bills and save more water.

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Deciding Which Washing Machine to Buy
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