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The Truth About GE Reverse Osmosis Water Filters


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GE reverse osmosis water filters are among the best selling filters of this type. GE makes a good product, but there are a few things you need to know before you just go out and purchase one. Compared with other filtering devices out there, GE reverse osmosis filters are a little on the high end of the price range. The most important thing, however, is that reverse osmosis itself is not the best water filtering technology. Let's discuss this in some detail.

If you're deciding on which type of water filter to buy, then I'm sure you understand the need for a home water filtering system. But just in case, let me mention a few things.

Nowadays we can find everything in our water from pesticides to prescription drugs. A study was recently done of 29 American cities that found pesticides in the water of all 29! Ralph Nader's people did a study recently of American water systems that found over 2,000 known carcinogens in our water. Our water treatment plants are outdated and not capable of handling today's pollutants. So, if you've been considering a water filter, then you're thinking along the right lines.

The only problem is deciding which type to get.

GE reverse osmosis water filters are popular. They also stack up well in reviews both online and off-line. Compared to comparable systems that use other technologies, they're a little expensive. A counter-top model costs around $250. You can get the same or even better results with other water filtering systems for less than half that price.

The problem is not specifically with GE reverse osmosis filters. The problem is with the type of technology in the first place. Reverse osmosis works by pressuring the water to be filtered through a membrane. The pure water passes through, and the impurities are left behind. And that's just the problem!

You actually don't want to filter absolutely everything out of your water, that is for human consumption purposes. Unfortunately, that's exactly what GE reverse osmosis water filters do.

Our water has trace minerals in it that are naturally occurring. Minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium occur naturally in varying amounts in our water according to where the water comes from. These minerals give our water its taste, but more importantly, our bodies need these minerals for optimum health.

Potassium is central to good heart functioning, and calcium is used in many important chemical processes in our bodies. If you drink demineralized water long enough, it can results in health problems.

That's just what reverse osmosis does, however. It demineralizes the water. And the GE reverse osmosis water filter is no exception.

Better water filtration systems result in getting the impurities out while leaving the minerals in. This is usually accomplished by a two step process that filters out the organic impurities in one step and the inorganics in another step.

If you want a reverse osmosis system, then GE reverse osmosis filters are good products. If you're interested in your health, however, you should consider other alternatives.

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R. Lee Cole is an avid health and exercise enthusiast who loves to make his research available to everyone via the Internet. Check out Lee's website for more information about this important topic.


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The Truth About Reverse Osmosis Water Units!
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