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Chlorine Shower Filters


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Why do we need chlorine shower filters? What can chlorine filters for shower heads do to improve our health? You'll find the answers here.

There are a number of different contaminants that can find there way into the water we all use for our showers and baths. Whether chemicals, sediment, certain elements, microbiological agents, it is important to identify the source of the problem and then to find the proper method to deal with the problem. One of the more prevalent, insidious and potentially dangerous contaminants, chlorine is added by public water treatment facilities.

The treatment facilities need to disinfect prompts our need for chlorine shower filters. More and more people are using chlorine filters for shower heads.

It's probably safe to say that most know that salt is also known as sodium chloride. That chloride is the element chlorine, in it's most abundant natural form, bound to the element sodium. In it's natural state, it is commonly found in water and is not dangerous. If it were only natural water that we had to worry about, we would not need chlorine shower filters.

Commercial chlorine is produced by passing an electrical current through the two elements. The chlorine, now in it's natural, gaseous form, is then used mainly as a disinfecting agent in swimming pools and drinking water as it is highly effective against microbiological agents. Since, in it's natural state, it is not harmful, it was believed to be safe for drinking and bath water. If that were the case, the popularity of chlorine filters for shower heads would be difficult to understand.

But, now we know that the caustic nature of commercial chlorine can have harmful short and long-term effects on our health. Making the water in any bathroom unsafe, unless we use chlorine shower filters.

You may think that if you have a well, you don't need chlorine filters for shower heads, but this type of contamination is particularly prevalent in well water. Chlorine used commercially finds it's way to this water source by seeping through the ground. Most people probably don't think twice about emptying their pools into the ground where chemicals within the pool water are absorbed into the soil, eventually finding their way to the underground well. Rain is also an unwilling culprit, pulling contaminants from the air or from industrial sites to runoff into the soil.

Chlorine shower filters have become more prominent as of late as people have become more educated as to the dangers of these contaminants in their shower water. Chlorine, as stated before, is poisonous. Dissolved in water, it can cause dry skin, irritation, and damage hair. Used in a hot shower, it can regain it's gaseous form and be inhaled. The potential dangers to one's health are numerous.

Faced with all of this, it might be a wise choice to protect you and your family with chlorine filters for shower heads in your home. There are many choices on the market. Doing a simple online search for chlorine shower filters will yield page upon page of options. It is imperative to find chlorine shower filters that can effectively purify your shower water, so take your time to make the best choice. Many sites have independent user ratings that may help you in your search.

Chlorine filters for shower heads will significantly reduce your exposure to this harmful irritant. Be sure to follow all instructions for installation and replacement. You should purchase chlorine shower filters for all of the bathrooms in your house that have showers. Should problems with odor, skin or bronchial irritation persist, check for proper installation, as well as the life-expectancy of the filters, it may be time to replace them.

Allan Cassell is a passionate spokesman about the health benefits of purified drinking and bathing water. Visit his site now: To discover the purification system he endorses and why.


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