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Recognising You Are a Hoarder and How To Change

Julie Lord

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Are all your storage cupboards full, kitchen cabinets and shelves all bursting at the seams. Have you forgotten what you stored in your garage or loft because you just can't get in there anymore because it's so full? These are clear indications that you are a hoarder!

It's obviously fine to keep things in your home that have sentimental value or that serve a useful purpose (even if not very often) but too many of us hoard junk that we forget we even own and clearly that cannot serve any useful purpose. In fact, it can have a negative effect on our health and emotions. So if you don't know what is stored in every storage cupboard in your home, then you need to think seriously about decluttering for the good of your health and home life (even if you do just resort to renting a self storage unit for all that stuff!)

It's OK to have a junk cupboard in your home – that is always useful for storing things until you determine whether they really are junk or not – also useful when you have to do a rapid tidy up when unexpected guests call to say they'll be there in 5 mins. But just make sure your junk cupboard doesn't extend to a loft, garage or even whole room full of stuff you don't really need.

Are your cupboards full to bursting point?

If your storage units and cupboards are crammed full of things: old board games, broken electrical appliances, chipped mugs and odd pieces of china then the time has come to get out some large rubbish bags and have a good clear out.

If you have to carefully open cupboard and wardrobe doors each time you are looking for something just in case a heavy item falls out of the crammed space then it's time to bin things or donate them to charity if they are in good enough condition.

The kitchen is perhaps one of the worst places for gathering clutter just because of all those cabinets and drawers. It is amazing the amount of clutter than can build up in your kitchen storage and it is often only when you have to remove it all for a good spring clean, when you are having a new kitchen fitted or are moving house that you realise the vat quantity that can be stored in a kitchen.

One good way to keep clutter down and maximise your storage space is to not keep too many long-dated food stuffs. After all most areas have shops open long hours 7 days a week so there is no need to have stacks of tins, dried pasta, rice, flour so start eating up what is in your cupboards (also a good way to save money on food bills for a few weeks). And if you really don't feel like eating twenty tins of tomato soup then donate them to a local soup kitchen.

One way to break the hoarding habit is to ask yourself if you are ever going to use an item again – before you store it away. Maybe consider getting a smaller, cheaper self storage unit so you are not tempted to keep collecting. If not then just bin it – clearing your clutter can be very liberating – give it a try!


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