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What is a Soakaway Drain?


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If you live out in the countryside and are disconnected from the main sewage system you will most likely require the installation of a soakaway drain. Alternatively if your sewage system and drains regularly overflow and become blocked whenever stormy weather and heavy rain strikes, a soakaway drain at the lowest point in your garden could be the ideal solution to easing the strain on the main system and avoiding any flooding. A fully-qualified specialist can provide the complete drainage services that range from the full installation of soakaway drains to continued maintenance.

Now it has been established that you most likely require a soakaway drain and that this specialist provides all the services associated with them, what actually is a soakaway drain?

A soakaway drain is a large trench that is installed at the lowest point in your garden to drain excess water from the soil and instead of distributing it into our over-burdened sewage systems, it will be dealt with at the source, saving your property from waterlogging and possible flooding.

The formidable soakaway drains installed by this drainage company can be interconnected (a looped system), a simple long trench, a herring bone layout or a large filled pit which are filled with a clean stone and have a slotted or holed distribution pipe. You can count on their drainage experience to advise you on which type of soakaway drain would be best for your property and the specific type of soil in your garden.

The soakaway drains installed by this specialist are extremely reliable and strong against even the most prolonged downfall, however much like the main drainage system that runs throughout the country, soakaway drains can become blocked and in need of an extensive emptying service and continued maintenance. It can be a good idea to regularly to lift the cover and check the structure every month or so, although with an untrained eye it can be hard to know what you are actually looking for. This specialist can maintain or repair any type of soakaway to ensure that any solids forced down the system are removed and that it is working effectively all year round.

Just like the installation of thorough lightning protection, the installation of a quality soakaway drain can avoid the worst effects of the typically harsh and stormy weather we experience across Britain. The specialist will follow every measure possible to ensure a correct installation and pride themselves that these systems can last a lifetime if they are properly maintained. Their complete drainage services cover everything from installation and maintenance, so contact them for a free quotation and to avoid waterlogging whenever the rain comes again.


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