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Indoor bamboo care Tips Explained For All

Renaldo Mirambil

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Indoor bamboo care is when you take all the necessary measures required in order to keep your plant healthy and thriving. The sad reality is that so many indoor bamboos never reach their full potential due to inadequate maintenance and care. And one of the reasons behind this is that while you may buy the plant, it is not likely that the instructions for caring the same would come along with it.

What many people do is care for the bamboo plant the same way they would care for any other regular plant. In fact, most of them en d up hurting the plant more than benefitting them. This is why we have outlined here tips and strategies that you can follow in order to get the best results with your investment in a bamboo plant.

Immense Variety & Growth Rate of a Bamboo Plant

Variety is something you don’t have to worry with these plants, since over 1200 different bamboo types are available for you to plant indoor. And in all likelihood, the vase in which it is kept will seem like too small within to time, keeping in mind the rapid growth rate of these plants. When looked after properly, an indoor bamboo plant can grow up to three feet in one day. This may call for transplanting it to a larger area, and due care must be given in the process.

While transplanting, always make sure that the plant roots are not cut off and that you have left a couple inches of soil around the root of the plant. This is because it needs room to move. This is applicable in case you are planting it in your garden. But in case you are using a vase or a plant pot, then you need to leave a minimum of 3 inches between the edge of the pot and the plant.

A deep container is less suitable than a wide one; hence go for the latter if given a choice. Caring for the plant should begin again once the transplanting is over. Start with watering once or twice a week. Increase the frequency if you live in a drier place. Keep in mind the natural habitat of a bamboo plant- lush, dense tropical forests and this is exactly what you should look to mimic indoor.

Watering Schedule For Best Results

When watering, make sure you do not go overboard with it. A good strategy is to observe what the results are, and adjust the schedule accordingly. Avoid direct sunlight too as bamboo responds well to mild or indirect sun rays. These are some of the basic indoor bamboo care facts you should know. Keep reading to learn more useful tips & abuses. Indoor bamboo care is something you would have to practice and perfect over time. Visit bamboo plant care today to find out more.


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