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Tips on Growing Indoor bamboo plant

Renaldo Mirambil

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One of the reason behind the massive popularity of indoor bamboo plant is that it is a great choice for all, be it an office, a busy person or a family. One can easily learn how to care for the plant, and once installed it serves its purpose beautifully. You may place them anywhere you like. This could be either a corner of your bedroom, a countertop or a coffee table, or even a dining table. And it goes without saying that reception area is where they look best if installing in an office.

Caring for Indoor Bamboo Plant

Caring for the plant is a rather straightforward process. All it takes is some common sense and basic knowledge. Before all that, you need to understand that bamboo is not actually a plant but part of the grass family. This is one reason why they grow so fast. And while caring for them you need to keep certain precautions in mind.

For instance, they do not respond well to tap water as it may contain chlorine and lead etc. which can result in hydrating the bamboo plant. For the same reason, salt water is not suitable either. It is recommended that you use bottled or distilled water. In case they are unavailable, consider using rain water as a substitute. Rain water would at least ensure that no contamination pass on to the plant.

Do not pour too much water around the plants root either, as this can rot the root system and is one of the most common mistakes people make with it. Watering once or twice a week is sufficient enough, adding more fluid would in all likelihood do more harm than good to the plant.

Similarly, do not go overboard with feeding the plant either. Nutrients should be used once a month, and sunlight exposure too should be limited. Observe the speed at which the plant is growing, and cut down on both the fertilizer usage as well as the sunlight exposure if it is too fast.

Planting or Transplanting Bamboo

While planting a bamboo, you can get this soil from any location where plant supplies are sold. You can also add a few pebbles into the mix. Where most people struggle is with transplanting bamboo as it can be a bit tricky. Only move a healthy plant and always keep an eye on the leaves as this is how the plant communicates their health. The new container should ideally be larger with more space available.

Growing indoor bamboo plant successfully is a matter of doing the basics right. Visit bamboo plant care today to find out more today.


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