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Sliding Doors For Laymen


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Sliding doors, the kind installed in closets or cramped doorways are excellent space savers. With the bypass door variety, two panels can slip past each other. It is quite natural to employ them for wide closets.

Hardware glitches result in wedged doors, derailed doors, or doors that don't quite meet the floor. Assess the roller brackets before you do anything else. Hold the brackets one at a time tightly in the track while a helper gently wiggles the door. Brackets that seem unfastened should have their screws tightened.

If you cannot determine whether the brackets are loose, remove the doors. Unlock the guides first. Put the guides in reserve once you unscrew them. If any are bent or broken, they should probably be replaced with new ones, available at hardware stores. Bent metal guides can be corrected with pliers.

You and a friend should hold the edges. In tandem, push the bottom away from the inside of the door. Ram it upward in concert with the previous action. Position the door against a wall.

The same procedures apply to the second door. If you cannot remove a bypass door by the method described, inspect the track closely for openings in the sides of the channels. This way, you can tighten all the screws without breaking a sweat. If the screw holes have become enlarged, replace the screws with the next longer or thicker size.

Just turn the process around if you are trying to mount bypass doors. The doors should be horizontal to the floor once mounted. Pin down the floor guides once again, with allowance for the doors to move freely. Bifold or accordion doors are differ from bypass doors in that they involve foldable panels and a single overhead track. Panels are affixed either by roller brackets or short spindles within the tracks.

Lift the door pin side after removing the spindles in order to get the door off. In sync, push up the bottom from the floor. Wipe down the spindles with a cloth before reaffixing the door. The channel interior should receive equivalent treatments.

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Checking The Roller Brackets Of Sliding Doors
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