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Residential Solar Energy and DIY Solar Panels

Gorry Terry

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Solar energy can reduce your energy costs by up to 80%. . and you are dealing with an environmentally friendly renewable power source.
Some of the factors to consider if you are thinking about this route are. .

Residential solar energy can reduce your energy costs by up to 80% and if you use do it yourself solar panels then your installation costs will be significantly reduced. A reasonably good handy man or woman can easily manufacture their own solar panels with a good set of instructions and the right tools.

Factors to Consider
You will need a south facing area to put your solar energy collectors. . but this need not be on or attached to the house.

What system is the right one for you?
There are essentially 2 systems suitable for residential use-
• Photovoltaic collectors which create electricity
• Solar thermal collectors which create heat

The latter is the most efficient for most residential houses and will last the lifetime of the building.
The photovoltaic collectors are the solar panels that you would be most familiar with and are the way of the future. They are expensive but can be made quite easily by a reasonable diy person and will generate enough electricity for the average home quite easily.
Even in cloudy climates.

The use of an inverter is crucial to convert the DC power to AC power and to allow you to sell your excess energy to the local power grid.

Many governments are encouraging the use of solar power and renewable energies by providing grants and rebates and in the US the government has decided to offer Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency in 2009.

In conclusion residential solar energy through the use of do it yourself solar panels is not a pipedream anymore; it is a realisable goal for anyone concerned with their energy costs and the future energy problems of the planet on which we live.

If you do decide to install solar energy panels on your home and so as a diy project it is important that you have a good storage area which can also double as a workshop.

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Solar Panels What is Solar Energy and How is it Generated?
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