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The Cost of Do It Yourself Solar Panels for your Home

Gorry Terry

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Solar panels are expensive to buy retail. . but very cheap to make for anyone who can do a bit of diy. Read on to discover how to make your own solar panels.

Do it yourself solar panels are becoming incredibly popular as a result of the cost of solar panels at retail level.

The benefits of solar panels for the provision of energy to your home are enormous. They include the use of a plentiful supply of a clean energy, the opportunity to resell your excess back into the national grid and the further opportunity to manufacture your own solar panels for sale to friends and neighbours.

And this can be scaled up into a full time business if you have the desire because the cost of manufacturing a solar panel runs at around $200 whereas you will easily sell them for $500.

It used to be a complex enough task to make them, but now with the increasing sharing of information on the internet and other sources, ordinary every day folk are building their own solar panels for less than $200, provided they have a good set of plans and the correct tools.

Other benefits include
• A fun diy project
• Huge saving in your energy costs
• Environmentally friendly renewable source of clean energy.

Many governments also provide incentives and rebates for the use of solar energy and when you consider that the average cost of a solar panel in 2007 ranged between $1000 and $1500 then the project is a no brainer.

In summary, do it yourself solar panels have a role to play in helping the environment, cutting your home energy costs and adding value to your property. With the rising price of oil every time confilict breaks out in the middle east, it is clear that the west will have to take a more serious look at alternative forms of energy.

The average homeowner owes it to him/herself to carry out the necessary research about renewable home energy options such as wind and solar energy.

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DIY Solar Panels - 7 Benefits of Building Your Own Solar Panels
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