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The Role Of The Farmer In Changing To Natural Farming Methods


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Traditionally when we have had an outbreak of pests, we thought the simplest solution was to kill them. This, however, failed. Had it been successful, there will be no need to have yearly dilemma on how to kill them. The pest control we have usually deals with the exposed problems and not the more obscure cause, which is farming system inconsistency.

Using poison as pest control is not among the most effective techniques. Its primary value is as time extender while you seek out the way to erase the source of your problem. Forty years have passed and still no success is displayed by this technique. The need for a farmer to spray pesticide grows the more often he uses it. Farms with a disrupted ecology become addicted to pesticides because all natural forms of pest control have been lost.

Spraying pesticides has long been discouraged by the circulating information regarding biological control, yet farmers continue using this method. There is a simple explanation. Farmers felt it was time to put an end to the continuously rising crop damage because of pests about forty years ago. They targeted to get the next new insecticides in the market.

It is now very vital to consider the number of times the spray is done and the actual contents of the aerosol. Mess a little with your application and a colossal mess will get back. Because of the big loss that a tiny mistake brings, farmers are now apprehensive to decide on pest control issues. Here comes the pest control specialist, freely sent by the pesticide supplier. A new and altered way of pesticide administration was found through the integrated pest management.

A complete generation has now grown up with the notion that the farmer's essential tasks are spraying, disking and irrigating. To suddenly alter or eliminate any of these tasks can literally create an identity crisis for the farmer. Part of the problem of converting to natural farming methods is the seeming requirement of faith on the part of the farmer.

Putting our faith in what is not seen is said to apply only in churches and not in the farms. So 500 gallons of poison is the more doable thing to fight invisible predators. Pesticides are not actually dependable.

It is easy to expect that the pest damaged fruit would have dropped a great deal simply by looking at the myriad of pesticides created since 1940. But twelve to fifteen percent of the crops of American farmers are destroyed by the pests secondary to pests yearly, according to the USDA estimation. That is almost double what we were experiencing before we had all these chemicals.

We can get by with a lower budget at the same time be kind to the environment and nourishing to the soils for a better batch of fruits. Just use a small amount, support habitat for advantageous insects, grow cover plants, and spread compost or organic wastes regularly. It is not as complex as you believe, but not everything is easy.

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