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Is It Possible To Create Free Energy With Magnetic Energy?

Gorry Terry

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The government and big business have had a vested interest for a long time in suppressing the creation of free energy by the ordinary Joe or Josephine.

Now you can build your own magnetic energy generator. . or so we are told.

The development and research into the use of magnets to create a free energy magnet motor has been gathering pace. It seems too good to be true. . but is it?

Many researchers and developers have been working for years to develop a power generator which is based on Zero point energy. This is basically using the energy that surrounds us and is based on the fact that molecules of matter are in constant motion.

The use of magnets and the ability to create energy by the pulling and pushing forces of magnetic fields has led to the development of power generators through the use of magnets. The consequences of this development are mind blowing and it is predicted that by 2020 the use of magnetic power to power households and motor vehicles will be commonplace.

Already in South Africa, Australia and in the US researchers are beavering away to ensure that man’s reliance on diminishing supplies of fossil fuels will not be catastrophic in the near future.

One such company, Magnetic Power Inc. , has developed magnetic power modules which allow the generation of power through magnetic generators which operate continuously without fuel. The great benefits of magnetic power is that it is clean, renewable and plentiful.

Now many information providers are providing instructions to allow the ordinary citizen to build his own free energy magnet motor, thereby moving the day closer when most houses and cars will be powered by Zero point energy through the use of magnetic power.

I would advise that you treat any claims in relation to creating free energy through magnetic energy with some skepticism.

Whilst it is possible to do so on an experimental basis, it does not appear that the system has yet been devise to actually the typical home.

For this reason, keep your wits about you and your pocketbook in your pocket.

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