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Wind Energy Turbines for Your Home?

Gorry Terry

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The use of wind energy has become very popular in the residential energy market. . not least because of the massive reductions that some people are seeing in their energy bills.

In recent times, the use of wind energy turbines has increased considerably. Wind turbines convert the energy of the wind into electrical energy. Here are the different components of a wind turbine.

Fan blades: The fan blades rotate when the wind passes through them. The blades are connected to the hub. They are typically made from lightweight materials.

Shaft: The hub is mounted on the shaft and it rotates with the rotating blades. If the wind speed is very fast brakes are applied to control the speed of rotation the shaft and the blades.

Transmission gearbox: The transmission gear is used to increase the speed of the shaft. On its own, the shaft is not fast enough to produce electricity.

Gearbox Output: The input is provided to large gear rotating slowly and output is obtained from the small gear, hence the speed of the output shaft increases.

Electricity from the generator: Electricity is generated with the help of the high speed output shaft, which is connected to the generator and it rotates inside it.

Wind turbines are used for both residential and commercial purposes. Small wind or residential wind turbines can be used to power appliances and lighting.

Electricity can also be stored in the battery and used when required. Wind turbines can also be built at home, if you the materials are available. This will cost much less than buying a new wind turbine from the market.

Wind turbines are also grouped together. This arrangement is called a ‘wind farm’. Wind farms are used for commercial purposes and they are built in open areas where the wind blows steadily. The turbines are mounted on tall towers to maximize the energy output. The power generated by these farms can be used to fulfill the energy requirements of the local community.

Wind energy and solar energy is well worth considering for your home. Advances in technology and reduction in prices to make your own wind turbines now make this a very viable option.

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Home Solar Panels and Wind Turbines to Completely Destroy Your Power Bill
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