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The Benefit of A Solar Energy House and Solar Energy in Your Home

Gorry Terry

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If you want to reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint, then you should consider joining a quiet revolution who are benefitting from the use of renewable energy to power their homes. . and dramatically cut their energy bills.

A solar energy house will contain a number of appliances which are powered by solar energy. In this article I look at exactly how you will use solar energy in the home.

Before you consider investing in solar energy for your home though, you need to consider how it will impact on your everyday life and how exactly you can use solar energy in the home.

Solar Cooker: A standard solar cooker has an outer box, which contains 3-4 containers for cooking. Solar cookers can be operated without burning gas or any other fuel. Different types of solar cookers are available for purchase. You can buy panel cooker, box cooker, curved concentrator cooker, etc.

Solar Lighting: Photovoltaic cells are used in solar lighting. They convert daylight into stored electricity for powering lighting devices when needed. These lights do not require electricity and emit light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which reduce carbon emission.

Solar Batteries and Chargers: The batteries and chargers distribute their charge to the device they are charging. Some rechargeable chargers contain several batteries at a time and a USB port that can be used to charge mobile phones, cameras, etc.

Solar Inverter: the function of a solar inverter is to change direct current (DC) electricity, generated from a photovoltaic panel into an alternating current (AC). It is the most expensive solar energy product. The components of an inverter are: Solar panels, regulator or charge controller, batteries for electricity storage, and wiring.

Solar Water Heaters: Solar water heaters heat water with the help of solar energy. These heaters contain storage tanks and solar collectors. There are mainly two primary types of solar water heating systems: Active, which have circulating pumps and controls and Passive, in which they are absent. Besides heating water at homes, it can also be used to heat the swimming pool.

Solar energy is beneficial in some many ways. It helps us reduce the impact that fossil fuels are having on the environment and it
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Versatile Solar Energy - Advantages of Solar Energy
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