Planning Your Replacement Windows Installation


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Windows are the eyes of a home. From inside, you see the outside world through them. It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. For a home, you can gain a sense of its character by examining its windows.

Windows are the primary source of natural light for a room, but they are so much more. They give a home beauty and personality. The decision to replace them is an important one. Replacements can affect the feel of the home for inhabitants and provide the opportunity for significant energy savings. They can dramatically change the value of the property when it comes time to sell the home.

Types of replacement windows

There are many types of replacement windows to fit the varied styles of home architecture. Some of the more popular styles include the following.

Casements have one or two panes. They are hinged on one side and open by rotating a crank. Casement windows generally open only 15 – 30 degrees, enough to let in light, but little else.

Sliders are generally two offset sashes, one which will slide behind the other, much like a sliding glass door.

Double hung have two sashes which move vertically, allowing ventilation through a space at the top and/or at the bottom.

Bay windows are three-sided arrangements that project from the exterior wall of the house, usually in living rooms or formal sitting rooms. They give the room a larger feel while offering additional space for a seat or arrangements of potted plants.

Bow windows are set in a series with each sash set at an angle. Bows are similar to bays in that they protrude from the exterior face of the house. They are different in that each sash or in the series is set at a slight angle so that the entire series forms a graceful curve or bow, rather than the sharp three-sided appearance of bay windows. There can be any number of sashes in the bow window series.

Garden windows are frequently installed in kitchens, often replacing the sash behind the kitchen sink. These also extend beyond the exterior wall of the house. They are much smaller than bay or bow styles and are often used for holding potted plants, creating an interior garden, while giving an improved view of the outside lawn or garden.

Skylights are installed into the roof of the house to provide direct lighting. These are generally not designed to be opened in order to provide the best weather seal.

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Replacement Windows: Secrets You Should Know
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