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As a qualified duct cleaning contractor I have discovered that most homeowners feel that they are very uninformed when it comes to understanding what size vacuum should be used to clean their air duct system.

We are continuously asked weather we use a portable vacuum or a truck mounted vacuum and 90% of the time the customer really has no idea why they are even asking this question except for the fact that they have been told that either a portable is better or that a truck mount is better.

Of course most Duct Cleaning companies that you call will inevitably tell you that their vacuum is better than the other guys…They are after all trying to get your business.

The truth is that any vacuum that produces at least 2000cfm (two thousand cubic feet per minute) of air flow will be enough to extract the dust from your duct system provided that the duct cleaning contactor uses standard tools and procedures set forth by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

I can appreciate that from a customer’s point of view it would seem that the vacuum would be the most important piece of equipment in a Duct Cleaners arsenal, however, the vacuum really is last on the list.

The importance in equipment is as follows: First would be the Technician and the skills he or she processes, Secondly would be the Air Compressor that is used (this is where bigger is better) Third would be the host of agitation tools used to dislodge the debris and move it toward the vacuum and Last but not least is the vacuum itself.

So next time a Duct Cleaning company tries to sell you on their service strictly on the type of the vacuum they use, I suggest you ask some serious questions pertaining to their level of competence and rate of customer satisfaction.

Duct Cleaning Could be the Healthiest Home Improvement You Will Ever Make!

Pat Johnson - President of Enviro-Pure Air Care Duct Cleaning located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Pat has many years experience in the Duct Cleaning Industry and has written numerous articles about Duct Cleaning practices.


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