How To Install A Home Water Purifier


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Installing a home water purifier is easier than you think. In fact, some water filters systems don't even require installation. For example, you can buy a pitcher water purifier. This is probably the least expensive type of water purifier available. You just fill the pitcher with tap water, and a filtering system in the filter cleans your water. Pitcher type filters are among the most commonly used water purifiers today.

You can also buy fluoride filters that often simply attach to your sink. These filters help remove metals from your water and other toxic contaminants, like arsenic, lead and fluoride. You can also buy filtration models that fit under your sink. Now these you will likely have to install. Fortunately most come with their very own installation kit, reducing the amount of work you have to do substantially! Here are some basic steps to follow to set up your under the counter water filtrations system:

1. Remove the water filtration system from the box it comes in (that part is easy!).
2. Turn off your sinks water using the shutoff valve (this is usually located beneath the sink).
3. Disconnect the cold water line from the shutoff valve. You may need to use a wrench to loosen the nut that holds the tube to your sinks faucet.
4. Place the water filtration unit under the cabinet by the wall that is closest to the cold water line. Using a magic marker or pencil you can mark where you'll need to drill holes to mount the bracket that will hold your filter.
5. Drill the screws in place that hold the filtration cartridge.
6. Connect your water purifiers to your sinks water line.
7. Connect a line that goes from the purifier to your tap.

Now, your instructions may vary slightly based on the type of water filtration unit you have. Usually however you can get by with a wrench, possibly a drill and a screwdriver. Once you have your filter in place you can slowly turn your faucet back on and check to make sure that all connection points are tightly sealed off (so no water leaks). It's really that easy!

Faucet Mounted Water Filters
These are by far the easiest to install and don't require you use any tools. If you primarily want to make sure you have clean drinking water in you home and don't want to invest in a cartridge filtration system, a faucet mounted water filter will work just fine. All you need to do to install them is unscrew the aerator on your sinks spout and attach the filter to it. Usually is screws on. You will have to replace the filter cartridges in this type of filter regularly. Some find a faucet mounted unit may slightly decrease the pressure of water, but this really isn't too much of an inconvenience for most people.

Facts About Home Water Filtration Units
You should remember that a sink specific water filtration unit will remove particles and contaminates only from the water in the sink that has the filter attached. Most people select the kitchen sink as the ideal sink for a filtration device. Why? This is where you do your cooking, wash your food and where many people get their drinking water. Some people prefer to have a separate filter for the bathrooms in the house where they wash their hands and brush their teeth. Fortunately many faucet mounted versions are very inexpensive, thus having one installed at each sink is usually not too much of a problem!

If you decide to clean all of the water in your home you can opt for a whole house water filtration device. Installation for a whole house water filter is a bit more complicated than installation for an under the sink or faucet unit. You can usually however, still install the product on your own using the instructions and installation kit that comes with most units. Remember, when you filter the water coming into and out of your home, you enhance your body's health and well being. Our bodies are made up of 90% water after all. We might as well give our bodies the best water we possibly can!

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