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No one likes to clean stains out of a carpet. Just the thought of it fills us with tension. What did they spill? Will we be able to get it all out? Is it in an obvious spot in the room? Relax. It’s already done. But start cleaning immediately. Many stains can be prevented if you act quickly.

There are many web sites offering carpet cleaning advice. One is at . Click on Stains and then scroll down to Tip Categories and choose Carpet. Another is Click on Carpet and look in the middle of the page for the link to Carpet Cleaning 101. Follow the general suggestions at They also have an extensive pull-down menu of types of stains with instructions on how to clean each one.

We’ve all spilled things. It happens. The key is to quickly blot up whatever you can with white paper towels or cloth. Don’t rub. That may stretch the carpet and make it obvious that it’s been cleaned there. Choose the right cleaner for the stain. There are lists on the web sites listed here. Follow the instructions based on what has been spilled. If you aren’t sure what it is, choose a general stain remover, if need be. Be sure to spot test it on the rug to avoid permanent damage caused by using the wrong cleaner.

People have successfully cleaned coffee, catsup and even wax out of their carpets. So can you! No carpet is stain-proof and you may not be able to clean every spot perfectly, but if you get good information and treat each spot appropriately, you stand a good chance of getting most of it out so that no one will notice the spill. Be sure to consult a professional if your best efforts fail. Again, relax, but act quickly and you should be able to remove most of most stains from your carpet.

About the author – Olinda Mettarod is a full time mom. She has made an art of homemaking. She also home schools her children so she can spend more time with them. You can read more articles about carpet cleaning at Carpet Cleaning


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