Introduction to Pipe Repair for Oil, Gas, Water or Wastewater


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Pipe repair defects are categorized by type and severity. Different pipe repair techniques are available to repair almost any type of defect. Advanced material technologies, like Aquawrap®, can be used in many different types of repair.

When examing pipe damage, the following should be considered:

- roundness of the pipe, i. e. how close is the pipe to being circular?

- presence of cracks

- presence of leaks

- presence of dents

- size and shape of the defect

- presence of corrosion

In many cases the most adapatable and cost effective repair solution can be using composite wraps like Aquawrap®. Composite wraps can be considered temporary or permanent repairs depending on the application.

Leaking Pipes

On leak pipe repair, often Aquawrap® can be used in conjunction with sealant to provide an alternative to repair clamps. Engineering analysis must consider the cause of the leaks, because applying an external fix to the pipe might not prevent further leaks from developing. The practicality of leak repair depends heavily on the nature of the leak.

Dent Repair

Pipeline dents & gouges can be repaired by reinforcing the damaged area with layers of Aquawrap®. Information on the size of the defect should be recorded in relation to the dimensions of the pipe itself. A high strength transfer compound is required to fill any area to create a smooth surface for Aquawrap® to bond with.

Pipe Reinforcement

In situations where some amount of wall loss has been eroded from atmospheric effects, Aquawrap® can be applied externally as a pipe repair to reinforce the wall back up to acceptable levels. Layers of material can be added or subtracted to engineer the repair to desired characteristics.

CorroDefense provides consulting and advanced materials to help engineers who are responsible for repair & protection of infrastructure like pipelines, bridges, pilings and telephone poles. Clients come to us when they are: - vulnerable to corrosion & its effects - victimized by damage caused by machinery, abrasion or impacts - desperate to find alternatives to reconstruction If these are problems that plague you or someone you know, we might be able to help.

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