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Wireless Doorbell Problems


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The wireless doorbell has a number of benefits that all homeowners should consider: relatively inexpensive, practical, and more flexible than wired models. Still, there are also some wireless doorbell problems. If you are looking at buying a wireless doorbell, be sure you are taking these problems into consideration:

1. Limited Frequency Ranges: Since the majority of models go up to 150 ft. , it is a good idea to see if you will need further ranges. Other obstacles for wireless doorbells can be additional walls, different floors, metal walls, etc. If these will be an issue, consider:
a. Buying a long range wireless doorbell. They can extend up to 300 ft with intercom versions going from 1000 to 3000 ft. or

b. Buying a wireless doorbell amplifier or extender. Popular versions are made by Heath Zenith, Thomas & Betts, Dimango, Carlon and many others.

2. External Frequency Conflicts Some wireless doorbells will be impacted by external frequencies. These can come from garage door openers, car alarms, or even other wireless doorbell units. For this reason, you should choose models that have several wireless frequencies. This feature will allow you to block out external frequency conflicts.

3. Batteries require some upkeep. Wireless doorbells tend to have batteries in the button and the alarm. (Plug in versions only have it in the button). For this reason, you will from time to time need to put in replacements. This tends to be a minor issue though as batteries can usually run for several years before new ones are needed.

4. Small number of wireless doorbell designs. Since wireless doorbells are a relatively new invention, the current design options are limited. Doorbell buttons and covers seem to be limited to mainly generic ones with white or black covers with a transparent or colored button. Bell alarms provide more options as they rival wired versions in function, looks, and style. Probably the most stylish wireless doorbell systems are made by Jacob Jensen. Still, more new designs are coming out each year and with increased interest in wireless doorbells it is only a matter of time before they rival wired versions in design quality as well.

As you can see, wireless doorbells have their share of problems; however, it would be foolish to not to see their powerful benefits. Wireless doorbells provide flexibility, relatively inexpensive, easy installation, good sound quality, and are a great substitute when wired doorbells are unavailable. For these reasons, you should give the purchase of a wireless doorbell strong consideration.

Mark Taylor is a handyman and avid follower of the doorbell industry. To get more tips and advice on wired and wireless doorbells, click here: or Doorbell .


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