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Did you know that Pergo floors have been a long time feature in Western European homes? In the past several years laminate floors have become increasingly popular in the United States as well. Many people love the look and feel of real wood floors, but they can be expensive to replace, install, and maintain. As the invention of the laminate wood floor came to fruition, people found a durable product that was easy to clean and looks like real wood.

Pergo floors look, feel, and give the “warmth" of a real wood floor without the expensive, hard to maintain problems. Look at Pergo floors to find the product that fits your lifestyle and budget. You will find the Pergo floors come in many colors, styles, and installation methods. You have the option of glueless floors, glue floors, and pre-glued floors. All have their advantages, and you should find a floor style that appeals to you.

Pergo Glueless Floors The glueless floor is the easiest Pergo style to install, but it is also the priciest. The glueless floor is installed by an interlocking groove and tongue system. The edges of the floor pieces have a special sealant that keeps moisture from getting beneath the floor. All the tools you will need for the glueless Pergo floors installment are a hammer, a saw, tightening straps, and a tapping block. Glueless Pergo floors have an adhesive strip located on the bottom of the piece that will adhere to almost any sub floor, except carpeting. If you have confidence in your do-it-yourself skills and the room in your budget, these Pergo floors are perfect for you. You just need a basic knowledge of tools and measurements.

Pre-Glued Pergo Floors This type of Pergo flooring has glue pre-applied to the tongue of each piece. You simply wet the tongue, and adhere it when the tongue turns lime green. This type of floor will probably take a little more expertise to install, but you do not have to guess where to apply the glue or hoe much glue to put on.

Add the Glue Yourself Laminate Floors Out of all of the Pergo flooring options, this type is the least expensive. Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult to install. If you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer, you should be able to install it with few difficulties. You will need to know is how much glue to use and how to apply it. Also, you need to make sure the pieces are fitted securely together to prevent warping or gapping in the future. Do not use too little or too much glue on this type of Pergo floors. It could also be the cause of future problems.

Do you want to pay someone to install your Pergo floors or do you want to self-install them? Think about if it is in your budget and if it is worth the time it will save you to pay someone to install. If you choose to do-it-yourself, you can take classes on installing laminate floors at your local home improvement store, or you can watch an online video about installing laminate flooring. You can also check out the closest library. If you think you want to hire a professional, make sure you check out the company or the individual contractor to make sure they are certified and dependable. Ask about complaint records and what their customer service policy is after the installation (guarantees on the labor, etc. ).

To maintain your laminate flooring is simple. Do not sand the floor or scour it, and make sure water does not get underneath the pieces. The manufacturer will recommend a special cleaner, so you should use it.

There are many people who have already discovered the joys of Pergo laminate flooring. The floors are great in high traffic areas at home, pets, and is kid-friendly. You will definitely find satisfaction with the product, as long as it is installed and maintained properly.

Margarette Tustle is a do it yourselfer. Read more about floor tips at Pergo Laminate Floors .


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