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Planning to remodel, repair or build a new home? Looking for some terrific features to include that won’t be budget busters? We can help! We started collecting over 1,000 uncommon, affordable convenience built-ins in 1998, when we first began writing books and consulting to help people have truly extraordinary — but affordable — homes. Here are some of our favorite ideas that cost virtually nothing to add to a project that’s already going to require open walls, ceilings and/or floors. Add a handful of these, and you’ll be on your way toward creating a home that’s truly beyond the ordinary!

  • A bedside light switch. Control all the bedroom and nearby hall lights from bed, and consider a dimmer that goes from bright light to soft light with merely the flick of your wrist when you get up after dark. Overnight guests who aren’t familiar with their room’s setup will find this especially handy when they move around at night. (Be sure you know exactly where your headboard will be, so this switch doesn’t get hidden behind it. )

  • Lots of lights on dimmer switches. One of their benefits is how dramatically they reduce the need to replace burned-out lightbulbs. This offers you light-level options you can’t get with low-wattage bulbs controlled by traditional on/off switches. Plus you get those varied levels all from a single switch.

  • Indoor switches that control all your outdoor holiday decorations’ outlets. No more having to go outside in nasty weather or late at night to turn the lights on or off!

  • Optimal heights of each electrical outlet, both indoors and outside. Outlets at waist height are easier to access from a standing position than those closer to the floor, especially if bending down is difficult.

  • Countertops that are the right heights for your home’s inhabitants. For example, tall adults — and seniors who find it difficult to bend over — might want their bathroom countertops and sinks to be higher than usual. Others might prefer them lower.

  • A dishwasher that’s one foot above the floor, to minimize bending to load and unload it.

  • Hose-mounted, hand-held faucets for easy sink, bathtub or shower use. They also help when you’re cleaning those areas. Plus they can fill pots on nearby cooking burners or buckets on the floor, rinse kids or pets in the bathtub, and allow showering while seated.

  • Cedar tiles on closet and cabinet ceilings or walls wherever you store wool items. No more moths or other bugs feasting on your sweaters or blankets!

  • A pantry that you convert an unused broom closet into by installing pullout or stationary shelves, bins and/or racks.

  • A detachable garbage bin mounted inside a pullout or tiltout cabinet door or storage bench, or inside a closet door. No more tripping over freestanding garbage cans!

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