Solving Kitchen Sink Problems


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No matter if you are renting or buying your home, everyone ends up with a clogged kitchen sink once in a while. Hiring a plumber to take care of a job can be expensive. There are several techniques you can use before you call in an expert.

It is wise to have some kind of drain cleaner on hand and to use it regularly to clean your pipes. This will prevent a completely clogged drain. Whether is a completely clogged drain or just a partial clog, your first remedy should be a plunger. These are easily found in several hardware stores and should be a part of your household tools. A plunger uses suction and pressure to loosen a clog. To make your job easier, coat the outer rim with petroleum jelly.

Start by placing the plunger over the drain, making sure the bowl or sink is filled with some water. Vigorously work the plunger up and down several times. When the clog has been removed, water should rush out of the bowl or toilet.

As talked about, having a drain cleaner on hand can be very useful. This should be your second course of action. Remove any standing water from the basin. Be sure to follow all directions on the cleaner bottle. Let the cleaner sit for several hours or even overnight before rinsing it away. If the drain is still clogged, flush the drain with very hot water and repeat.

If by chance the above methods fail, you can check the U-trap. This is part of the pipe that is shaped like a “U" is located under the sink. There will be a plug that you can unscrew with a wrench. Be sure to have a bucket to catch excess water. Take a piece of wire to scrub the inside of the trap, put new gaskets on to maintain a watertight seal.

If none of these procedures work, call the plumber. You may have a more severe problem that a plumber will be more capable of handling.

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