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A deck will greatly enhance your home’s appeal and comfort. In fact, a backyard deck is simply an extension of your home. Throughout each of the four seasons, your new deck will be an asset to you and your family. Deck plans are your first step to building - where do get deck plans? How do you design a deck with deck plans? The information is easily accessible.

Location Of Your New Deck

You will need to first decide where you want to put your new deck. Many people decide to connect the deck to the backside of their home, but there are other alternative locations for a deck. You can build your deck over your garage, or next to your pool and/or sauna in the corner of your yard. There are deck plans available for you wherever you wish to build your new deck. One thing to think about regarding location of the deck on your deck plans is the view you want from it and the view as people look at it. Do you want your neighbor to be able to see the deck in full view from his/her yard? Do you want to be able to see your yard in its entirety? Your deck plans will reflect the final location of where you choose to build your deck.

Size Of Your New Deck

The next step for your deck plans are the size you want your deck to be. Make sure the deck is proportional to your home. Your deck size should fit your lifestyle. If you enjoy entertaining and having parties, make sure your deck is built to do so. You will want seating, open space for mingling, and maybe even a built in bar. Your plans should reflect the landscape already in existence, as well as your future vision of patio and foliage.

Where To Find Plans

Online is a great place to find sample plans to build your deck from. There are plans for all shapes and sizes of decks. If you find something you like online and it is not the exact match for your back yard, think about modifying the deck plans so they are. You also have the option of working with a design company that focuses on decks and deck plans. Sometimes this will cost you a much higher price than you finding the design on your own and modifying it, but the decision is yours.

Do You Need A Permit?

Most often you will have to request a permit in order to do work on your house and build a new deck. If you live in an extremely rural area with little to no zoning or building codes, you may not. Double check with your city building inspector’s office before your begin work just to be safe. He/she will make sure the plans are up to code and give you a building permit, along with a list of any other licenses or certificates you will need. By taking the time to contact officials, you will more than likely save time and money in the long haul.

Whether you build your deck yourself or hire a professional, you will be greatly rewarded!

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