Water Damaged Carpet, What Can be Done?


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Water damage can come in many varieties, from a spilling a single bucket to a complete basement flooding. How you approach your carpet clean up will also depend on the quality of the water if it is clean water, like rain water, or is it from a sewer backup. Each situation should be evaluated on an individual basis, but here are some general guidelines.

First the obvious try to stop the water at the source to eliminate further damage. Check behind the walls as water may be trapped in the insulation or behind the vapor barrier. Next remove all furniture from the room, lift up the edges of the carpet and remove the uderpadding and discard. Extract as much of the water as possible, try to do this soon as you can, as bacteria and mold can set in quickly.

Note – depending on the size and scope of damage it may be worth calling in a professional. After you have extracted as much of the water as possible treat the carpet with a disinfectant. Finally prop up the carpet to let airflow get under the carpet and put fans throughout the room to speed up the drying process.

Unsanitary water has many more health issues and concerns and you must take some precautions. Using rubber gloves and rubber boots is a must. I would recommend calling in a professional technician to handle this type of problem. The damage may not be isolated to just the carpeting it could extend to the drywall, insulation and wood studs. This type of water damage if not handled properly could pose a serious health risk.

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