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The Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Metal Building Cool


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Every year, the summer gets hotter, which means we desperately seek for a place to stay cool. However, some individuals have to work in very hot environments during the summer months. Amongst those hot environments are metal buildings. Metal buildings can become very hot, especially if measures are not put in place to keep them cool. Just imagine working in a metal building on a 100 degree day. It may be 100 degrees outside, but it is going to be even hotter in that building, so it is very important to do what can be done to keep it cool.

So what can be done?

1. Using asphalt shingles is a good first step. They work best if they are of a light color because light colors reflect the sunlight rather than absorb it. One color that tends to be favored is white. It is the lightest you can get; therefore it will reflect sunlight the best.

2. Air conditioning is another great way. Of course it depends on the size of the building as to what kind of air conditioning is needed. A small building may suffice with a window unit, whereas a large building may need a central air unit. This can be used in addition to a cool roof system to keep the air conditioning from working too hard.

3. If the steel building has windows, putting in window fans can pull in cooler air while sucking out the hot air. That is if the environment is one that doesn't need an air conditioner.

4. A cool storage system that is more environmentally friendly. This system makes ice at night and uses that ice to cool the building during the day through radiators placed throughout the building.

5. Roof tiles are also great to place on the roof to reflect sunlight. White is the best color.

6. Insulation and sheet rock can be placed within the building in order to try and keep heat out and cool air in. This in addition to air conditioning or window fan units and cool roofing can cool things off.

7. An insulated ceiling can keep the hot air where it belongs. By doing this, any heat that enters through the roof can be trapped. You can also use a cool roofing system to keep the hot air to a minimum. If this isn't enough, you can use fans In your windows.

8. A “cool coating" can be applied to the building. Basically, this means a different color coating on the building that reflects sunlight. This coating is also idea for not allowing much heat to accumulate in the walls.

9. Placing your building in an area that doesn't receive a lot of sunlight can also make it feel cool. If it is possible to place your building in a shaded area, try to do so. Minimal sunlight means minimal heat accumulation.

10. You can also keep windows and doors open while using large fans throughout. This may circulate hot air if there are not window fans in place. It depends on if the working environment will allow for such air circulation since these fans are strong.

These are ten methods that you can use to keep your metal buildings cool. It is important to do so, especially if there will be people working inside for long periods of time. Since the buildings can be hotter than the outside, it is important to make sure everyone stays cool enough to avoid heat stroke and other issues that can come about due to the heat. You'll certainly be glad you took the measures to keep everyone safe.

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