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Random Solutions Using Common Household Items


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I'm sure that we have all found little random other uses for items that were not their intentional use. There are a ton of them out there. Coca Cola used to clean off rust, a hair dryer used to dry glue, or an old box covered in a blanket to make an end table.

I have found a few more items that can be used in multiple ways to help you around the apartment. Check it!

Cotton Swabs

These little buggers can be used for so much more than just cleaning out your ears, so you can hear me better. Dip them in rubbing alcohol and wipe the charging connectors on your cell phone or laptop. (Make sure they are turned off before you do this. ) The alcohol will help rid the battery and charging contacts of any corrosion and help them hold a better charge. You can also use cotton swabs to touch up paint on your walls or even your car. Just make sure it's the exact same color or things could end up looking really weird!

Flossin’ with Floss

Yes, we should all be flossing every day. I'm not talking about flossin’ as mentioned in Hip-Hop vernacular. I'm talking about true, old fashioned. .dental floss. Someone could literally write an entire handbook on the hundreds of uses for this age old household item. Not only can it be used to dig out those annoying bits of popcorn or beef jerky from your chicklets, but it can also be used to hang paintings, pictures, or other light weight decorative items from walls and ceilings. You can take a coat hanger, string up several pictures to it with dental floss, hang it from your ceiling, and bam, you have got a picture mobile. Need to cut into cheesecake, but can't find a clean knife anywhere? Cut it with some unflavored floss. Also, if you're washing your face and tired of getting your hair wet in the sink, tie it back with some dental floss.

Antacid as a cleaner

Drop some alka seltzer into the toilet, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and then scrub with a brush. Watch it gleam.

Scotch Tape bag clip

Want to keep your chips fresh? Fold back the opening and tape it closed to the back of the bag. Then stick them in the fridge for even more freshness.

Rubber Bands

So this may look pretty ugly, but can help in a jam if you need to keep your little ones out of your cabinets. Tie rubber bands around the door knobs. You can also use rubber bands to tie your bread closed, so it doesn't go stale too fast.

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