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Waterbed Repair And Maintenance - What You Need To Know


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Owning a waterbed requires the occasional waterbed repair once in awhile. In order to keep your bed in good condition, proper maintenance and care should be taken. How do you properly maintain a waterbed?

One of the first things you need to consider is the water level in your mattress. Always remember that the water will be displaced when one person or more uses the bed. Thus, fill the water system of the mattress to just below the level of the surrounding frame and allow some roof for displacement.

When a waterbed has already been filled with water by others, it’s always wise to check for air bubbles in the mattress. Just make sure that the air in the mattress is vented out through the valve. A waterbed that is free of air is quiet. So, once in awhile, you need to manually vent out the air from your mattress.

Setting your waterbed’s temperature is also important to guarantee a good night’s sleep. However, each person has his preference when it comes to temperature. Generally, a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius or the normal body temperature is the most typical setting for most mattresses.

A waterbed may be free from bed bugs and dust mites but the water inside the mattress might not be free from bacteria. Thus, to prevent formation of algae in the water, waterbed owners are advised to add a conditioner in the water at least every six months. The waterbed conditioner will not only purify the water and prevent bacteria, but it will also protect the surface of the vinyl mattress.

Aside from conditioners, it is also necessary to clean the vinyl surface using a special waterbed vinyl cleaner. Most mattresses have removable covers which can be slid off for easier cleaning. Some vinyl cleaners can be wiped directly on the vinyl while other vinyl cleaners need to be added water or moist before application.

If you’re a waterbed owner, never forget to ensure that the safety liner of your bed is correctly in place because the safety liner will protect your room in case the water bed leaks. The liner will ensure that if the mattress gets a leak the water displaced will be contained inside the liner. It is wise to examine your waterbed mattress and the safety liner at least twice a year.

When a waterbed leaks, some people would immediately try to drain all the water from the bed. But this is actually a bigger job than repairing the vinyl itself. In case of leaks, the first you need to do is try to find where leak is coming from. Use a towel to dry off the water between the liner and the bed. Remember that the water is trapped between the liner and the mattress but you can dry it off without draining the entire bed.

A waterbed leak will usually come from the sides, top, or corners of the vinyl. Once you’ve found the leak, place a pillow under the safety liner to lift the mattress so that you can begin with the repair. First, dry off the punctured area and use the waterbed patch kit that is usually included in your package when purchasing the bed. Simply cut a patch of vinyl that is at least 1cm larger than the hole and use the waterbed repair adhesive to put it in place. The glue dries off very quickly and once it’s dried, the mattress is ready for use. However, double check that you have completely dried off the leak between the safety line and the mattress as the spilled water will acquire algae and odor.

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